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TheatreSports; a tonic

I had a really hectic and hard day yesterday. It was a day full of stumbling blocks, negotiation, missed calls, misunderstandings and bad energy lurking just around the corner. It was a day that required patience that I don’t have.

Then, on my way to the Kalk Bay Theatre, I stopped at a garage for petrol and they didn’t have any! Of course, I had a moment of panic before I found a garage that did have. From the highway I could see the ambulance lights at an accident on Ou Kaapse Weg. It was exactly at that moment, while I was indicating and moving into the left hand lane to get off the highway that I was overtaken by a lunatic in the left hand lane, who missed me by millimetres. Then, I got stuck in a traffic jam on Boyes Drive.

So by the time I reached the theatre I was totally frazzled and couldn’t focus. Then the show started. And it was exactly what I needed. I relaxed out there. we played and improvised our hearts out. We ended the show with a fantasy movie that was one of the strangest, creepiest, funniest and funnest things ever. You had to be there.

I drove home on a different planet. Thank you TheatreSports.


Proteas on a Roll


Woza weekend


  1. Margie

    Wish I was there. Your day sounds all too familiar, and I am finding more and more that what makes the difference between a good day and a bad day is my level of sense of humour!

  2. megan


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