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TheatreSports Rocks

Last night’s show of TheatreSports was truly fantastic. We had a biggish crowd at The Kalk Bay Theatre and as a team we just rocked. The audience was in stitches from beginning to end and we all had the best time. Highlights included a fantastic Shakespeare set in a brand new nightclub and a ‘three style scene’ called Death of a Mosquito, which followed the story of a gangster snitch called Millie the Mosquito. It was rousing! I hope it inspired members of the audience to stick a nose in next week for our marathon of TheatreSports performances to celebrate our 14th birthday!


and then there was the cricket




  1. The Saint

    Am I looking forward to next week – Wow a whole week of TheatreSports mad-cap-ness.

  2. megan

    Indeed. Somebody has already asked about a season ticket for ALL the shows at the KBT.

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