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TheatreSports, stronger than ever

It’s been a great week for TheatreSports performances. On Monday we put our People’s Choice award on the piano for all to see and we haven’t stopped telling people about our Fleur du Cap awards! It really is very exciting. Although our audiences have been small, they have been very impressed with us and our shows. And of course, everybody wants to chat to us, which is great publicity.

What has made this time really special is the heartfelt congratulations I have received from far and wide. Saint, Rudy, Tante B, Bobby, Big Friendly, Soli, colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for celebrating with us.


rotten, terrible, hideous service puts me in a mood.


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  1. Colourinse

    Hey where’s the pic of the award??????

  2. megan

    I dunno!

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