Liz Mills (the director of Drive With Me) said to me last week how happy she was that the piece had done so well, both in terms of audiences and in responses. We were lucky to get two brilliant reviews in both CT daily newspapers, here in the Cape Times and in The Argus. She said that the reviews had helped prepare audiences for what was a particularly tough sell, theatrically. She is right. Drive With Me is personal, didactic, creepy, esoteric, wordy, complicated and bizarre, with only a few jokes and quirks to lighten the mood. It also asks a lot of an audience, who play an active role in the story, and are part of the plot.

To further the challenge we chose a slot to perform it in Cape Town at the exact time that the Grahamstown festival was on. This was absolutely deliberate. I wanted to make it clear that the show, set and written for Grahamstown, could have a life outside of the festival, where last year I died such a miserable death.  Performing it at Alexander Bar is what solidified it. The Alexander Bar is fantastic. Brilliant management, supportive and hands-on staff, great technical solutions and support, hilarious and widely spread news letter.

I feel deeply satisfied and proud that it has gone so well. My faith in Cape Town audiences has been restored. People have taken the risk of attending different, challenging theatre, and they have been moved by it. This gives me great hope as I turn towards the next thing.

PS. There are still a few tickets available for the added extra show of Drive With Me tomorrow, Wednesday night at 7pm, if you’d like to catch it. Book here.