There is a great thing about reaching saturation point in the news, especially at this time of year when every advert can drive me right up the wall, and the American holiday fairness obsession places Chanukah on an equal opportunity for airtime with the appalling consumerism of Christmasspend.

I do actually switch off, and allow myself to be utterly amazed by the small things. Abundant roses in my courtyard, an entirely sprinkler-wet dog and the deliciousness of a healthy breakfast. I allow myself to delight in pre-show nerves before going on stage, the watching of late night reality TV as the performance adrenalin subsides, the fantasising of the upcoming holiday with family and the slow editing of my screenplay.

I love the silence of predawn but already hot early mornings. I love the long bodies of the dogs who sleep in the heat. I love the lightness of clothes and the brightness of days and the stickiness and sweat.

I love my home when the holiday traffic gets too bad, and the beach before the holidaymakers get there, early in the morning. I love the basil leaves growing and the glass of wine after dinner that helps me write. I love the languidness of chats with friends, and the FaceTime with my niece. I love fresh ginger and lemon in my soda water.

Tomorrow I will have a list of things I hate, but today there is a list of things I love about…