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time for an update

Remember my whole blah blah about the Fleur du Caps and TheatreSports? I thought I should update the story. The big cheese of FDC, a lovely lady, Irma Albers, promised to organise the FDC judges to come to a performance of TS, after I sent each and every one of them a personal invitation. Marianne Thamm was the only one who ever even responded. None have come. Now, we continue to perform every Monday and Tuesday. And maybe that’s the problem. There’s always the excuse of next week! Still, a response would be so great. Same goes for the press. I got only one positive response from someone at the Argus to come to the opening at the Intimate. Guess what? He didn’t pitch. I called him on it. He promised to come the following week. And then the following one. I am not holding my breath.




Oh thello

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  1. Playa

    Hehe. Its the press. Offer them booze and free-stuff. you’ll have no problem getting them in 🙂

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