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top of the log, woodpile, whatever

And are me and Big Friendly the only two who are jumping up and down because the Kiwis whupped Australia again, pushing the Proteas to the top of the log for ODIs for the first time ever?


A lank kif show bru




  1. bob

    ja, well you can talk. i took a verbal beating from all the aussies at my lectures here in sydney, “yeah mate, we’d rather go in as the underdogs anyway. we know we’re going to win, so it means nothing to us that you’re top of the table.”

    they seem far more concerned about the fact that we whip them at rugby union, but personally, i don’t give that much of a shit about that one.

  2. Big Friendly

    ja well bob, I take it that the complete whupping they got from the Black Caps is also part of their “underdog strategy”?

    Me thinks, that much like a rose left to long in stale water the Downunderers are way past being petal perfect. We are witnessing the decline of Australia sport in general, now if I can only find a cheap fiddle in Nairobi the imagery will be complete. Or should that be picturisation?

    Come home bobby!!!! We miss you.

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