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torn, nay, ripped apart

Tonight is going to be really hard for me. I will be ripped two separate ways by my two big loves. Here’s the thing. Every Tuesday night we perform TheatreSports at The Kalk Bay Theatre. I love it. I love driving out to Kalk Bay. I love the theatre. I love the staff and management. I love performing there. We even have a big block booking tonight, so we’ll definitely have a good crowd in. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, me actually. You see, it’s the opening game of the cricket World Cup tonight. West Indies against Pakistan. And it starts at 1630 our time. Which means I’ll get 2 and a half hours of the game on Super Sport before I have to go.

Torn, I tell you. Ripped into pieces. Big Friendly is already taunting me. I’m gonna speed home in my jeep to catch the last few balls. But! What if it’s a whitewash? It’ll be over before I get home! Help. I’m going to need special help on Monday and Tuesday nights.


here beginneth the WORLD CUP!


busy busy day


  1. The Saint

    Maybe TheatreSports should sponsor a big screen for KBT ………???!!!

  2. megan

    WaIT! Maybe KBT could get TheatreSports a big screen TV?????!!!!!!!

  3. The Saint

    Hold it – solution – let’s find a third party to sponsor 2 big screens ???? !!!!

  4. megan

    Good idea! KBT can find the sponsor while I spend time choosing the right wall. I am on to it!

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