You’ve got to check this out. I was looking at Madagascar and found this fantastic page  for Hotel Lakuna. “Expatriation is total in its bungalows on piles, built on water in the lagoon, exclusiveness in Lakana.” and ” … Their lavatories are outside on land (hot and cold water).” Man, I can’t wait to get there for a bit of expatriation and then a retreat to land for ablutions. Glad we get to leave the piles at the bungalows!

And then! There are the humpback whales! “But Sainte Marie is also one of the last sanctuaries of the humpback whales: each year as from July, and October they are found in the shallow waters of the channel of Holy Marie to breed, to seek a companion and to carry out a frantic bridal parade before coupling themselves…” What a holiday!