It is Saturday evening and Big Friendly and I, and my brother and sister-in-law are at their home in Jozi. It has been a crazy four days of family; a rolling function with close family who came here from Sydney to celebrate a barmy. We have eaten, talked, drank, socialised, met and re-met, chased children, hugged, squeezed, driven, sat and listened, been proud, loved family, shared things, laughed, reminisced, re-enacted scenes from the past and basically spread the love.

This afternoon a crazy game of football took place in an old, huge Jozi garden, between some of the adults and all of the kids, as the rest of us looked on and criticised and cheered. The sky started turning grey and the first rumbles of thunder began. The air was charged and we sat drinking pink gins, and I could see the movie shot.

And in a pure moment of art imitating life, I was a character in this beautiful, electrically lit people and family filled space in the world and it was magnificent.