Big Friendly, the girls and I have just got home from being away at a beach house with friends last night and today. It was brilliant. last night me and my friend and the dogs and kids went to the beach until it was dark. Then we went back to the house and all stayed outside with candles and we stargazed for hours. I saw two shooting stars. The kids and dogs went to bed and we gently welcomed the new year in, and then we spoke and spoke and spoke until after three in the morning. I finally climbed into bed and was up just after seven. After breakfast we piled into the bakkie and a car and went and spent a delicious morning at a small lake.

I have no official resolutions for two thousand and great. I want to carry on with my exciting, eventful, rewarding, confusing, interesting and mostly delightful life with Big Friendly, my friends, my work, my family and my neighbours, colleagues, countrymen and others. Which is just as well, because I’m back at work at eight tomorrow morning. Love, light and magic to all.