A well known theatre and music personality turned round to me in the interval of the opening night of Chess last night and whispered, "Is this show called Chairs?" It was  a not very oblique reference to the set made up of many many chairs.

chess_prd_pic6I loved seeing Chess again. I thought Gina Shmukler as Florence was even more brilliant. Brennan Holder as the Russian was masterful and David Cheevers as the arbiter was fantastic. Cito, who plays the American, was so much better this time around. I loved him too. There is no mistaking the fact that it is not a perfect script, and the subject matter is truly weird, but I think this production is very successful. The ensemble are a well-oiled machine, and there was just one fella who was a bit unfocussed last night. I heard the inside story about why and it all made sense. That’s what happens when you have friends in high places, like fabulous Cara, the sound operator guru. 

Cape Town audiences are a funny bunch, especially on opening night, and are even more critical when the production is a Jozi import. Maybe this is a visa versa thing? Are Jozi audiences ungenerous to Cape Town shows? Tell me quick, before the beautiful Shez Sharon goes to the Old Mutual Theatre on The Square in Sandton in October.

But back to Chess, or Cheers! which is what happened at the after party upstairs at Theatre on the Bay. Amababalas for me this morning!