What a fabulous day yesterday. Our friend Bucket celebrated her birthday with a big party of us at the Strandloper in Langebaan. What a jaul. This huge, rustic fishing village style compound is perched on the sea. There is a huge buffet style meal of many seafoods cooked on the braai and in potjies, complimented with farm style bread and jam. The meal just rolled on and on. In waves. My favourites were the snoek and soet patat, the smoked angel fish and the braaied stump nose. You can bring your own drinks, but Big Friendly and I bought ours from the gorgeous Malawian who tends the Bush Bar. Well into the day, and our fourth time at the Bush Bar, there was a weird hippy hanging on to the corner of the bar. His opening line was, “You English? You German? You french?” He pointed at us individually. “No, man,” I said, “We are locals.” The other Malawian told me to tell the hippy he looked Ethiopian. I did. He was so offended, but after I repeated it, the concept dawned on him. “Ah, I see what you mean,” he said. So when he said, “I’ve got some Greeks,” I thought he meant in his lineage. But Big Friendly assures me he was offering something more psychedelic than his family tree. I had obviously misheard.
After the best moer koffie, and many songs sung to us, for us and with us by the local guitar kid, most of us stripped and went for a brilliant swim off the tiny beach in the wild wild sea. The kids surfaced with crazy red seaweed wigs, we tumbled off the sharp ledge into a deep end of water.

And then, we drove back to Cape Town as the sun dried the salt water into powder on my arms.