Yes, yes. Devices purchased with device payments are subject to the same return policy and have the same guarantees as devices that are paid for everyone at the same time: if you are a prepaid customer and we send you messages, they will be immediately considered received when we send them to your wireless device or an email you have given us, or if we publish them as a precall on your service or after three days, if we send them to the most current address we have for you. If you need to send us messages, please send them to the prepaid customer service address at Whether or not you are able to cancel a payment agreement depends on your account history with us. Your options appear when you use My Verizon online or the My Verizon app. Yes, yes. Late payment fees are always charged to your account if an outstanding balance is more than $5 – A payment agreement does not stop late fees. Late payment fees can be charged to your account from the day after the due date of the original invoice. The fee for late fees is charged up to 1.5% of the balance that has not been paid until the due date, or up to $5 (depending on the larger amount) or as authorized by law. If your balance is outstanding. B is $50, the $5 late fee will be charged each month until you arrive (since 1.5% of $50 is less than $5). In Arizona, late fees are added if the balance is $10 or more.

When you enter into a payment agreement, you arrange for the payment of the entire balance of the default account. Your available options depend on your account history with us. There are two types of payment terms. You may be able to do one or both (your options are displayed). Payment planning (also known as Future Date Payment): This is the date you specify that a payment is automatically deducted from your payment method (debit card, credit card, cheque [EFT]) on a date on which you want to pay. You can: If you have received a suspension or late notification, you must make a payment or plan an online payment agreement or call us at 1,800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966) to avoid any possible interruption of service. Verizon only limits a customer`s payment options to cash or cash cheques if payments have been returned. If you are a Postpay customer, you may be entitled to a discount if you are and remain connected to an organization that has an agreement with us.