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What is hard

So far I have written mainly about how easy it is to go on the Dukan diet, and reach your target weight. I am discovering that what isn’t as easy is staying there. I am currently in the third phase of the diet, the consolidation phase, which is about reintroducing foods slowly and in a controlled way, with one day a week of pure protein (a thing that will continue for the rest of my life), and it is a test. Partly because Big Friendly and I went away for the weekend, I ended up being a little slack. That was easy. But getting completely, strictly back on track has been hard, especially since I have to be fiercely committed to this phase for a very long time. How it works is, five days for every pound lost, so in my case I complete this phase in August!

I really, really didn’t understand this part before. I hadn’t felt it until this time. I really want this. Not in a whiny, helpless way, but in a true, sticking to my guns even though it is hard way. And writing about it helps too.


Just say Yes


Waiting to become something


  1. Yes, lets. You can do it Megs. This is the run round the stadium to the final ribbon and the crowds ARE cheering you on!

  2. Jenny Gonatas

    If anybody can, that is you. No doubt in my mind about that. sitting & hobbling for 7 weeks not done me favours, alas, the kindness in food form. aaargh!

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