Stayed in most of the weekend and caught up on some DVDs.

1. Flushed away – cute, cheery little animation. Just, why didn’t the rats have whiskers?

2. Casino Royale – I dunno. He’s great. Brilliant styling. Nice and gritty. I just couldn’t care what happens to 007.

3. Departed – Hectic, Scorcese at his best, great performances by all especially Matt Damon. Disturbing and not entirely satisfying at the end.

4. Lucky Number Slevin – Not my favourite. Excellent performances by Ben Kingsley and Lucy Liu, gorgeous mind-trippy wallpaper, but just too revenge driven for me.

5. The Weatherman – loved it. How cool (excuse the pun) is Nicholas Cage?

6. This morning I’ve been watching a DVD with some long form improv by two companies in the USA. Some very funny stuff, but generally everyone trying to one up each other and everybody saying NO to everything. Not my style. Also, there were so few women and when there were any, they weren’t allowed to start scenes or their ideas were shouted down. Come try that here Mister!