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White Night

I went to a thing last night at one of our theatres. This is not about the thing itself, but more about who these things are for. There were two shows going on; one in the big theatre and another in the small one, but they were white shows, and almost all of the audience was white too. The whole feeling in the space was one of whiteness. And the whole thing felt like there were a hundred white elephants in the room. Big, old, stinky, immovable, Surf white elephants filled the space and all the white people squeezed past them and said nothing.

Now of course it is funny that I am saying this. I am white. My date was white. And most of the people I spoke to (except for the people at the door, obviously, and the ushers, obviously, and the bar people, of course) were also white. The people I spoke to and connected with are fantastic, and enwhitenened, and aware and concerned. But we were all in a huge room together in Cape Town, South Africa, and the whiteness was blinding in the night.

This is not how we change things. Almost all white casts playing to almost all white audiences is not ok. And we will pay for these mistakes if we aren’t already paying. We need to change it right now.




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  1. Genevieve the Bae

    “This is not how we change things”
    “Almost all white casts playing to almost all white audiences is not ok.”

    And yet, while telling us what we can and cannot do, while racially policing our leisure time, you and your supposedly “enwhitened” (I think I’m going to be sick) date, went out and supported exactly that situation you allegedly despise. How very woke of you.
    It’s utter hypocrisy, isn’t it ? Unless you really believe that you have some sort of divine right to choose what others can say and do while you behave with complete, blinkered impunity?
    What a dreadful person you are.

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