Although last night was our first, it was Sound and Motion Studios fifth White Room Session. And it did feel like a bit of a privilege being part of it.

The White Room Sessions are teeny live recordings in front of teeny live audiences performed in the White Room at Sound and Motion Studios. Last night there was an interesting line up of three separate acts to introduce Dame Agatha to the world. She is the studio’s new baby grand piano.

About twenty of us squeezed in to the White Room, which was prettily decorated with fairy lights and white candles and watched and listened to some of Slaap Stad’s finest.

GrahamWeir First up was friend and genius Graham Weir. Graham has fallen in love and has written a flurry of beautiful love songs. Yay. He sang and played piano and was accompanied by Becky on piano accordion, Gabriella on violin and Simon (Fuzzy) on double bass. it was an interesting shift to have Graham play piano. He made the transition from performer to musician. His songs were delightful.

ingebeckmann Next up was Inge Beckmann (ex Lark) and two of her friends on piano accordion and trumpet, and double bass. She played piano and keyboard and sang. I couldn’t decide if I thought she was amazing or irritating. Big Friendly loved her version of Danny Boy.

8 Finally it was the turn of Amanda Tiffin who did five songs; two oldies and three brand new ones. I absolutely loved her new songs. The first one (written for her mom, who was there) was almost Country; simple and melodic. I loved it. She was joined by double bass player Sean Johannes.


The whole evening left me feeling like this weird town sometimes manages to pull off some strange and wonderful things. Simon (Fuzzy) Ratcliffe, the main man of Sound and Motion is fantastic, and the sexy studio (which we wondered around in in between acts) is an amazing place.

If you want to find out more about the sessions, all you have to do is join the studio’s face book group and stand a chance to win tickets for their next session.