My wonderful little road show has brought me to Newcastle. Granted, we drove straight to our designation, a private hospital, where we are hosting another ward hostess Angel party, saying thank you to the usually invisible, but it is my first time in this neck of the woods. I have driven past signs that said Newcastle, but have never taken the turn off and come here.

There is something ‘altered states-ish’ in a new place. My body doesn’t recognise it. Many things are familiar; the usual PEP, Edgar’s, Morkel’s, banks and car dealerships in the main drag, but they are configured differently and the little independent shops make it unique.

We are squatting in the catering manager’s office and she has already been serving us, hand and foot. The total friendliness and hospitality of small town folk. People are friendly and smiley. People are kind and helpful. And excited. We bring the new energy of head office, stranger, out of towner.

We are also here early. Everything is organised. I love my work. Will report back later with photos.