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I swear, I must have some. Even though I have been busy like a bee, in both head and body, I have managed to find enough things to irritate me into a moan in.

The first thing that irritated me today was an advert on 567. Now I love Redi Direko who is national (from 702 in Jozi) from 9 to 12 and I caught her on my way to gym. And only last week she had Dr Dee in the studio, talking about the causes of erectile dysfunction and how many men are suckered into ‘remedies’ that can’t help at all, when what they need to do is go to a doctor, get proper tests and have appropriate medical treatment. So what do I hear being advertised on Redi’s show today? An ad for a natural ‘remedy’ for erectile dysfunction; ‘proven’, cheap and ‘effective’. You know the kind. “Why spend millions when you can get fantastic results….” blah blah blah. Grr.

Then I arrived at gym. I haven’t been since my last hysterical explosion a coupla months ago when there were cockroaches in the shower. I caused a huge stink and had management made me all sorts of promises. Then I was away. Then I was sick and then I got busy (list of excuses, I know) but today was D day. But I had lost my damn access card. I paid R45 for a new one. And that was the beginning of the end, I think. What could possibly justify R45 for a plastic encoded access card. Surely my monthly subs would cover it? Not a chance. I got to the change room and changed, only to discover that I had lost my lock and key too. Thought I’d pop off to reception and borrow one. Gotta be kidding! I was told to lock my bag in my car. In the basement. So, if I wanted to shower I would need to go to the boot of my car in the basement after training and get my shower stuff. Great idea! Instead I lugged my massive tog bag with me and dumped it near wherever I was training. The looks!! Then I went to row. Then a maintenance guy started brushing the dust off a rowing machine fan belt (just imagine that dust) with a paint brush, in my direction! WTF?

I heard (on Redi’s show the other day) an anger management consultant talking about ‘effective skills to manage anger’. I am trying so hard to ‘be a tube’. I acknowledge the anger, I own it and try and pass it through the tube that is me. It’s a bit like sucking popcorn through a straw. I am a tube. I am a tube. A thin blocked tube.


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    Fuck it just smack them

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