This is my final, big, fat moan of the year. Yesterday I was driving home after work. I was listening to Africa Melane on 567 bemoaning the huge holiday death toll on our roads. He was saying the usual (we have heard it all a million times) about how nobody cares about their own lives and the lives of others, and how people do the most ridiculous things behind the wheel, and callers were phoning in with their 2c worth.

Anyway, I was at a red robot when I started hearing the sirens of a yet unseen emergency vehicle. The robot changed to green and I saw the red flashing lights of a fire engine weaving through the diagonal traffic, so I waited for it to go through the red. Would you believe that the complete chop in the car behind me started hooting for me to go? Yes, the knob wanted me to ignore the rules of the road and common decency and just drive, because the robot was in my favour. As I gesticulated like a berserk crazy thing he just hooted again. Finally, after the truck had gone by and I had turned, he overtook me in the left hand lane.

I was boiling. Africa and his callers were still going on and on, and I understood how deeply messed up we are on the roads. As if  by universal design I was then nearly forced off the road by an Albany bread delivery truck who didn’t think I was going fast enough, even though I was doing the speed limit.

So depressing.