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Women’s day whine

So today is the public holiday dedicated to women, where men get the day off and the open stores are full to the brim with, yep, female shop assistants. WTF? Actually, yesterday was Women’s day, but today is the day that everyone (except the women who have to work, which includes me) gets off. Bamboozling.

We are off to a latish start; it’s raining and we need to walk the dogs. Then I’m coming home to try and finish writing my script for a deadline at the end of the week. We are supposed to be performing TheatreSports tonight (did anyone see our fab review in the Sunday Times by Marianne Thamm?) but the weather and the public hol might keep people away. I propose all women and men come tonight. Some of us players are women. Some are men. Etc.


Shining Showboat


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  1. Boet

    Well done !!!!!!
    What an awesome review in the Times.

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