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worst kind of folk

I get a daily newsletter from P.E.T.S, an amazing charity organisation, operating here in the Western Cape in the Somerset West area. Their primary concern is the feeding, sterilisation and housing of township animals. Only desperate, abandoned and abused dogs and cats are rescued, fostered and re-homed. They do an amazing job and I have recommended them to many people considering adopting an animal. But today’s newsletter made me think. Then I started frothing. Now I am in a total rage.

It has been brought to my attention that people leaving the country are leaving plans for their animals to the last minute and then contacting P.E.T.S with the threat that new homes need to be found for the animals within days or else the owners will have no choice but to put them down. Can you believe it? Obviously the P.E.T.S people are caught in a terrible catch 22. It is not the poor pet’s fault. And they will take on any animal in need. But what a cheek to take advantage of this organisation. Sies and double sies! I mean, if you are organising to go and live in another country surely the first thing you do is to make plans for your dependants? You must have money, education, IQ, EQ, and all that it takes to coordinate a big thing like that. AAaaarrrrggghhh!




Mummenschanz 3×11 is the shizz

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  1. The Saint

    I have come across this before and worse [those who phone when they have left and alert organisations to abandoned animals]. Should be a condition of the exit permit that things like this are arranged properly. How the #@!@* do these inhumans sleep at night.

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