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Wrap Up

I am shocked that it’s been 10 days since I wrote here last. It seems like I went on blog leave. It’s not that I haven’t had more than a few things to bitch about, it’s just that there have been one or two completely non-writable things I have been dealing with, and it makes it hard to commit to writing a whole post, so I have been fiddling about on twitter and facebook instead.

It’s also been a time of proper staying at home; hardly going out much, and being very selective about where and how and when. This means that things need to be worth it, or terribly necessary. I don’t get the point of leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute and then bitching about it to high heaven. Do it early, or love the craziness.

I normally love having a job at this time of year, and so I am feeling a bit at a loose end. Anyway, this is more like a status update than anything else, but I’m glad I popped in. Megan’shead is a very important place for me. So, to all of you, and you, and you, merry merry and see you on the other side.


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  1. Jenny Gonatas

    I’ll also be there, on the other side. Miss you two too

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