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Zoom Zoom Zuma

I am a fortune teller. A prophet. It was here, on meganshead a few posts ago, that I said that the ANC were sounding just like the old National Party government. And then today on IOL, "We need to teach our people to fear God," ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday, and he suggested the way to do so would be by making children pray before school – "as it was in the past". Is this guy seriously cooked? Is he goofed from inhaling mphepho? Like I said before, I don’t want to listen to Mr I took A Shower talk about morality. Panzi!


Rehearsals for The Tent


The Actual Tent

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  1. Thank you!!!!
    I mean, the guy is the last person to be preaching about God and morals. Does he figure we forget that whole shower incident?
    I have this hope that something will happen and he will not be my president.

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