It is 6.15am and I’m sitting here trying to think about what music to use. For my 10 minute play. Last night was crazy. We all met at Theatre in the District and received our plays and casts. My playwrights ended up producing two separate scripts for us to choose from, could you believe it? Their productivity was tempered by the lateness of one of my pre-designated actors and the non arrival of another, so we started our reading of the plays one man down. An hour later it was presenting a real problem. Two and a half hours later one of PANSA’s main co-coordinators dragged her husband in.  The poor guy. He literally  only had time to read through  the script before being sent away to learn his words.

We (I) decided to go with one script, cut it slightly, and top and tail it with the first and last four lines of the other script. Sounds crazy, I know, but I think it’s going to work.

Today we rehearse. All day. At 1630 we have an hour on stage. Ours is play number 5 so we’ll be performing last. At about 905 tonight.