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Month: January 2007 (Page 1 of 2)

Songs of Hangings and Redemptions

I am beside myself with delight and pride. Graham Weir has been nominated for an award for Best Performance in a Cabaret in Songs of Hangings and Redemptions which I directed!!!!! The brilliant show with Graham Weir, Pitchie Rommelaere and Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe ran at The Kalk Bay Theatre at the end of last year. Now we’ll take this as a huge kick up the bum and make sure it happens more, for those of you who didn’t get to see it. YAY Graham! Watch this space for where and when.

weird one

I only saw tiny bits on TV while up in Jozi, but that test was a weirdy. I’m glad we won, regardless. I’m back in town and ready to go and see some stuff this week. I’ll keep you posted.


We’re off to Jozi today for the weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday. On Wednesday night I’m off to see Claire Watling and Godfrey Johnson in Kissed By Brel at the Intimate Theatre. I can’t wait. I love Brel, think Claire Watling is the most talented somebody by far, and I adore Godfrey. He is a colleague and a friend.

I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground with regard to the cricket. Big Friendly has just told me that we’ll only hear today whether Hershel is playing or not. And it’s no secret that with the openers’ scores having been in the high single digits for the last million tests, we need Hershel. All of this reminds me…When Big Friendly and I were not married yet we went up to Jozi for fandamily stuff. We had borrowed my boet’s car and were listening to the cricket on the radio. I was so happy. Big Friendly on my left, cricket commentary in my ear. In a wave of emotion I grabbed Big Friendly’s knee and said, “Gibbs!” I still have no idea why. Although I have had great success in turning Big Friendly into a cricket mad statistician he has never grabbed me on any part of my body and shouted, “Boucher!”

back on at kbt

Tonight was our first theatresports show back at the Kalk Bay Theatre since its revamp. Big up to them for making the stage and seating areas bigger and better for performers and audience. we had a smallish audience, but it was a crazy show. For those who missed it (and I know who you are) my own personal highlights (and that’s probably because I was in them) were the Jane Austen scene with the title At the Watering Hole, the prize giver’s pole dance and the Shakespeare set at the airport. I guess you had to be there. I love it.

we lost

we lost we lost we lost. we lost. we lost.

So now we are one all in the series (with one test to go). And Hershel has his hearing soon. All this makes me very nervous for the world cup in March. Wish I was going. Sigh. I’ll keep you posted.

Chart Throb

I spent a lot of time this weekend finishing Ben Elton’s Chart Throb – a vicious, hard-core satire on Pop Idols and reality TV. I loved it! It’s outrageous, disgusting and 100% true. What makes it worse is that I’m slightly addicted to reality TV, even though I KNOW it’s complete bullshit and there is absolutely nothing real about it. Highly recommended. In fact, I wish I had stayed home on Saturday night and read.

Oh, and as Simon pointed out in his comment, check out for Brent Meersman’s take on R and J. I am not alone!

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