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Month: April 2007 (Page 1 of 3)

when it’s not live its DVD

Stayed in most of the weekend and caught up on some DVDs.

1. Flushed away – cute, cheery little animation. Just, why didn’t the rats have whiskers?

2. Casino Royale – I dunno. He’s great. Brilliant styling. Nice and gritty. I just couldn’t care what happens to 007.

3. Departed – Hectic, Scorcese at his best, great performances by all especially Matt Damon. Disturbing and not entirely satisfying at the end.

4. Lucky Number Slevin – Not my favourite. Excellent performances by Ben Kingsley and Lucy Liu, gorgeous mind-trippy wallpaper, but just too revenge driven for me.

5. The Weatherman – loved it. How cool (excuse the pun) is Nicholas Cage?

6. This morning I’ve been watching a DVD with some long form improv by two companies in the USA. Some very funny stuff, but generally everyone trying to one up each other and everybody saying NO to everything. Not my style. Also, there were so few women and when there were any, they weren’t allowed to start scenes or their ideas were shouted down. Come try that here Mister!

brand new idea

So I had this idea today, when I saw that a review for The Emancipation of Arnie was published on the 24 April, five days before the show FINISHES. And the worst part was that it was a really good review. So it has little or no value this late into the run. I mean, that’s as useful as an all seam attack against the Australians.

How about a special press night preview, a night before the show officially opens, with a mandate from the daily press to send someone, who comes, and then publishes their review the day after the show OPENS? That gives them ONE WHOLE DAY AND TWO NIGHTS to write the review. At the very worst, they could attend opening night and go home and write the review after the party. The excuse of it being too late for print no longer stands. The reviews can be posted on the web in four seconds flat.

Our theatre runs, particularly at small, independent theatres, are often very very short (like the brilliant Kissed By Brel), so by the time a review comes out the show is over or at least almost over. In a few other parts of the world a show is made or destroyed by the reviews that come out the day after opening. This means that the reviews have high importance and meaning, Cape Town critics. That’s the whole POINT of a review, ne?

So, here’s my challenge to all Cape Town reviewers and bloggers who crit and crits who blog and anyone who writes theatre pieces and listings and stuff. Let’s get those reviews and opinions out at the latest two days after a show opens. Let’s give theatre a chance. Let’s give our jobs meaning. Yee ha.


That’s what it was. I feel sick just thinking about it. At least we can grieve and get on with our lives. I’m not even going to dissect the Proteas most dismal behaviour and pathetic loser attitude. The Aussies were a well-oiled machine. Their game against the crazy Sri Lankans will be interesting I am sure. I hope the South Africans come back and start from scratch. My fear is that they’ll put on that stupid ‘brave face’ thing and be proud of making it as far as they did. Losers.


Q: What does a copy editor do when she’s not feeling well?

A: Calls inn [sic].

oh the fun we had

Last night’s TheatreSports show was fantastic. Old faces and ex-players Adrian and David, who now live in London, were there and it was good to reconnect and have a laugh. Naturally, I showed off quite a bit. Things did get quite weird in the show though, with an absurdist ‘understudy’ game that went completely pear shaped. Very very fun and good for all of us!

Gaby Lomberg

I’ve just heard that Gaby Lomberg has passed away.

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