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Month: June 2007 (Page 2 of 2)

You’ve got my number brother

Brother Number is Rob van Vuuren and James Cairns’ latest collaboration, directed by Jaco Bouwer. Wow. It’s on at The Kalk Bay Theatre for another two weeks. Get there.

Brother Number is a theatrical treat. It’s about two brothers, Harvey and Stan, who are locked deep in the bowels of Home Affairs, the makers of ID books. Harvey is the numbers guy while Stan, with his fistful of pens all tied together, does the lines. Because of an ‘explosion of the chip machine’ they are let loose in the building and they meet up with a series of crazy but recognisable characters who help them discover who they are and why they are there.

The story and it’s execution are almost 100% pure traditional absurdist. Jaco’s set (I think this kind of thing is his genius speciality) is a huge wooden desk on short legs, surrounded by a boxed walk way and crazily underlit. Almost all the action takes place ON the desk. Incredible. The sound track is mainly the crackle and hum of flourescent lighting.

Rob and James are brilliant. Their characterisations are amazing and their accents are awesome and accurate. But what makes the show riveting is their relationship with each other, as characters in the story, but more so as performers. They are literally tuned in to each other.

I love theatre of the absurd. And there are strong elements of the biggies here – Kafka, Ionesco, Becket, Stoppard. In fact, the play mostly reminded me of my all time favourite movie ever, Brazil, which is a huge achievement in my books.

I always like to temper my opinions with what Big Friendly thinks. Sometimes I get a bit theatrically snobby or arty farty. He, on the other hand, is a great natural responder to things. He loved it. He loved the story. It reminded him of Ray Bradbury. He loved that it was created by two young local guys which made him very excited. So.

After the show I had a delightful and heated debate with Helen, the owner of the KBT. That’s what it’s all about.

into the net

I decided to put up a post on this new listing site called iJol and from there I was asked to share my post with muti which is like a forum and so I went there and then I clicked on a blogrol and ended up on velveteen rabbi’s blog. And I’m surprised I was able to find the time what with all the new friends and groups and photos and everything on facebook. Oh the interweb!

A good run of TS

The publicity around the TheatreSports fun-raiser last Saturday night has had some spin-off and we’ve had two goodish houses this week. What a pleasure. TheatreSports is the most fun thing to do in front of an audience.

whoo hoo!

So last night it was the TheatreSports fun-raiser at the SABC. What a big, fat jaul. Thank you to all who came and paid a bit more for the show. An especially huge thanks to our bidders who went way beyond our expectation in the auction. You have no idea how much that money is going to help us with Grahamstown. I am so excited.

The show was fun too. We ended up playing mainly crowd pleasers and it was very very funny. My auntie from Jozi came with Big Friendly. It was her first time. And she loved it. It’s always nice to have someone you know in the crowd.

So well done everybody; Brett, everybody! Nicholas and Ed for fabulous e Wine Bar.

Whole new look

How cool is this? Big Friendly whipped me up a whole new look. I think it’s pretty sexy.

I have a wine headache this morning. My uncle and aunt from Jozi took us to this fab new restaurant, Il Leone, in Greenpoint. Delicious classic Italian food with an amazing selection of traditional and more unusual pastas. Yum. Amazing how people from out of town end up introducing you to new spots in your own back yard. We always go to the usual suspects.

I’m off to swallow the Panado.

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