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Month: August 2007 (Page 2 of 4)

Sunday morning sequel

Big Friendly is in a bit of a funk. We went to walk the dogs on the mountain and he was bemoaning the lack of a good local bakery near us. He was wanting a Sunday morning bagel and cottage cheese and jam (only really to be got in Sea Point). I said that we should stop off at the Kwik Spar on the way home and he pulled a face. Then he remembered…the donuts! Before we had even parked the car he was out the door, waiting for me to unlock so he could fetch the tupperware! He slumped back into the house empty handed. The lady who makes the donuts’s sister is in hospital with water on the lungs and so she isn’t making any today. Big Friendly is really miserable. I’m going to the Pick ‘n Poo now to see if I can’t find something to cheer him up.

Opening of Shez Sharon

So opening night happened without a hitch. The Kalk Bay Theatre was choc-a-block. Nicole was pretty magnificent. The audience seemed to love it. And there was much good vibes afterwards. It’s lovely being involved in a feel-good show. It really is ‘full of love’ as Sharon would say. I think one of the great things about this show is that it has such general appeal. It’s not just for theatre goers. It’s the kind of show that anyone will enjoy. It’s like a live TV show, where the actress really has access to the audience. I am very proud.


It’s 6.05am. I have already been up for an hour. There was a mosquito, I was hot, there was a light shining somewhere, my throat was dry, my brain was working overtime. You know, all the things that happen when you have an opening night coming. And I’m just the director. I’m not even on stage. Actually, I don’t know what’s worse.

Nicole is doing an amazing job. I really have nothing to worry about. The play is “just stunning”. But the day before is always filled with the ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’ of insecurity. We should have got a wash basin. What if the technicals are a mess? Blah blah.

And tomorrow it will have happened. And it becomes part of the public domain. And other people can say what they think. Omigod! What do we do this for?

koek sisters

After lying in and reading this morning, Big Friendly developed an obsessive craving for donuts. He’s reading a book called The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, in which some kind of Jewish donuts are spoken about. So, Big Friendly’s mouth started watering before we even climbed out of bed.

Now, it just so happens that, at the top of our tiny street is an even teenier corner shop, and the delightful little Muslim woman who runs it makes the best coconut sprinkled donuts on a Sunday morning. So, before we even walked the dogs Big Friendly charged up the hill twice, but the shop was closed.

Wile we walked the dogs his tummy was rumbling and he was salivating. As we drove past the shop on the way home, Big Friendly wailed. It was still closed. Now, Big Friendly is a shy somebody. He is retiring and polite. He is gentle and doesn’t hardly ever raise his voice. But this morning Donut Demon Big appeared. He stormed inside to fetch a tupperware, barged across the road to their house (next to the shop), banged on the door and demanded donuts. He left the tupperware there, so they could be delivered ASAP.

And they were. Piping hot sweet syrupy coconutty most delicious donuts. Yum, I must say. And Big Friendly is back.

Now even I has jazz

I went to the opening night of Amanda Tiffin‘s newest show, Now You Has Jazz, last night, at the BMW pavillion (there where the IMAX used to be). I took my friend T along, musical stuff especially cabaret style is not Big Friendly’s favourite.

A bit of Meg’s moan before I wax totally lyrical here: The problem with the venue is that it’s so completely unmagical. You arrive on a bright neon car floor, icy cold and white tile clean and then make your way into a hugely raked auditorium. It looks like the kind of place you’d go to get a bit of corporate motivational speaking. This makes it really hard to warm and sparkly up. Added to which, is the post office person who hands out the tickets from her tiny booth. I have no idea what the world has done to her, but she treats everyone like they were common crooks who had managed to skemonkel their way onto the guest list. She makes it very hard and unpleasant even to get your tickets.


Now You Has Jazz is really is a treat. Amanda Tiffin is amazing. Her tiny big band is fabulous. Trumpet, double bass, drums, guitar and keyboard. The show is a ramble through the history of jazz, with great examples and a good choice of famous standards. Jazz is not my first choice generally, but there is so much to just enjoy in this crowd pleasing show. Amanda leads a heart wrenching acapella Swing Low Sweet Chariot, a magnificent Billie Holiday song, a sizzling Pata Pata, a thumping Al Jarreau’s Bring your Boogie Down, a strange and haunting (accompanied by flute) tribute to Sarah Vaughn Summertime just to name a few. Amanda really shines with this material. She looks gorgeous, sounds like an angel and has the vocal range and confidence to take her songs everywhere. She skats and improvises at the end of the first half like nothing I have heard before.

The show is deliciously long, with two solid halves. The musicians shine. My favourite is Shaun Johannes on bass, although to choose is actually a crime. Go see it. You’ll see. It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got the swing.

poep poep poepteas

There’s nothing like a resignation of a vice captain, the disciplinary hearing of his friend and a nasty media frenzy to pull the team spirit together before a fresh season of my favourite sport. Come on conveners! What were you thinking. Aside from the fact that Kallis is being a bit of a baby (and sore about losing a fistful of cash, who can blame him?), there is nothing like ‘being rested’ to knock a player’s confidence. Now why would any idiot want to do that to their best all round player? Give me a clue. I remember the bloody selectors sticking like glue to capitano Smith when all he could hit was the ground. Loyalty, commitment, trust, team spirit, discipline? Oh, what do I know? Maybe a full on argy bargy splashed all over the media will encourage our team. Although I don’t know when that’s ever worked in our favour. You are being dof, okes!

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