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Month: December 2007 (Page 1 of 4)

Comedy of Errors more likely

Graeme_Smith_AFP Rudy comments on yesterday’s entry, calling the cricket in the Windy City a Shakespearian comedy. I say it was a Comedy of Errors. The Poepteas were taken out by the Windies. A festival of gas! The poep captain, Graham Smith led his openers by example in a case of follow the leader, with tragic little scores. As Rudy pointed out, the tail enders Dale Steyn and Andre Nel did better with the bat than Smith and Gibbs did in BOTH innings.

Time for the winds of change!!!! I will be working flat out through the test here at Newlands and will miss out on the action (or lack thereof), but I am chilled by the possibility of another New Year’s defeat. 

Moving to Maynardville

Today was our first day at Maynardville. We arrived at 8am and everybody went through their exits and entrances, getting used to the stage, trees and bushes, pathways, and the set, which we saw for the first time today. By 11am it was already too hot to work there and we made our way back to Artscape to do a run through of the whole entire play.

DSC00084 It starts getting serious now. And the play feels huge and the cast enormous. I am constantly amazed at how hard everybody is working, and the effort that is made to mount a Shakespeare outside. I am so close to it now I can’t even tell what I think of the production, but I really love the cast and crew who are mostly wonderful and real ‘theatre’ people. It has been an honour being part of this process.

I am so happy I have the day off tomorrow!

Thunder Murder and other Jokes of the Season

I love it when children get turned on to jokes. All of a sudden, at about five or six, they start finding them funny. Usually they are pathetic riddles or knock knock jokes, and obviously I love them. I have always enjoyed a good, short, clean joke. On Christmas day there are jokes in our crackers. Big Friendly got a good one this year. What’s white and sweet and swings through the jungle? Tarzipan. Pathetic, I know. The first joke I ever told Big Friendly was similar. What’s blue and white and swings through the jungle? A fridge in a denim jacket.

On Boxing Day we went to some friends for a braai and their two little girls were still full of Christmas spirits. They ran around and showed us their gifts and at some point the elder who is six, offered to tell us her joke. She is this absolute cutie and has lost all of her top front teeth. Anyway, we settled down to hear the joke and she began, “There was this guy, Thunder Murder….” Naturally, we all went totally hysterical. So, from now and until forever, we will tell Thunder Murder jokes!

Hi ho hi ho

Can you believe it? It’s off to work I go! I had the best two days with tons of eating, drinking, other people’s children, lots of noise, farting dogs, and relaxing, but now we move into a more intensive phase of rehearsals and it’s ‘nose to the groundstone’ as Shez Sharon once said. It’s so quiet out there I feel like I’m the only person in the whole world who is working. It’s actually a pleasure; the roads are totally free at rush hour times, I’m getting almost no spam in my email, our fridge is stocked and I’m reading tons when I come home. 2008 rock on!

Boxing Day

When I was little, I had one of those never-spoken-about images that on Boxing Day groups of men would get together and box. I never saw anyone actually doing this, but that feeling has stayed with me in a strange way. Boxing Day. I mentioned this to Big Friendly this morning and he did a quick google and gave me the lowdown. The landed gentry, after giving and receiving gifts from their own class on Christmas day, would put in boxes their gifts to the poor on the day after Christmas. And so Boxing Day gets its name.

We used to celebrate Boxing Day with my father and grandfather by having an ‘at home’ party and playing Klabberjas. Much drinking and swearing and accusing of cheating later, the champ would be declared and we would stumble around the garden.

This year my last grandparent died and with my gran’s death, a few traditions that will never be repeated but in our memories.

Ho ho ho and all that

We left rehearsals early today and we have tomorrow and the next day off. Whoo hoo! I suppose I should muster up a bit more enthusiasm for the jolly stuff, but it’s just not there. And I sound just like every other Christmas and New Year pooper.

I wish for quiet, safe roads, alcohol shortages, home-made gifts, good food (but not mountains of it), warm friends, early nights, interesting TV, an open shop, a working ATM, and a general time out.

As my favourite Shakespeare stage direction goes…Exit, pursued by a bear

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