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Month: January 2008 (Page 1 of 5)

Do you Do you Do you wanna Dens?

Just back from the opening of a four day run of Dens Wit Me at The Masque again in Muizenberg. That’s two shows in a row there in under a week. Written by Levi Saville & Vicki Bawcombe, directed by Vicki Bawcombe and performed by Bronwyn Reddy, Shimmy Isaacs, Carmen Maarman, Taryn Hendricks and Hein de Vries, the show’s blurb sells it as a ‘new Cape musical’. But really, what it is is gentle, heartwarming, cute and totally accessible entertainment. And certainly what I enjoyed most was the audience response during and after the show.

The story is ‘a three sentence story’, as Big Friendly so cleverly put it. One of a team of office cleaning cherries decides to audition to become a backing dancer for our own Danny K. Mean boss provides the conflict and dof handyman the romance.

But it is the performances, particularly that of Shimmy Isaacs, that make this show so lekker. Also, a cameo by Hein de Vries is also very delicious. The style is very sitcom, the characters are musical and sitcom stereotypes, the moves and songs are not original BUT…the performers work beautifully together and the humour is warm. The ou in front of me was very vocal, and whenever he agreed he would “is ja!” what was being said on stage. And hey, that’s what counts. This is the kind of show that will build a theatre audience. It will make people feel lekker. Even the ‘choronography’.

Theatresports hip hip hooray

Here’s why I love improvisation. And I wasn’t even there! ts I know you can’t even see this properly but it is a pic of a Theatresports performance in the car park outside The Intimate Theatre, lit by car light! Last Monday there was an Eishkom load shed at the exact time of the performance. Undaunted, audience and cast dragged chairs from the venue, set up outside and performed. Just like that. I am so proud of the team. And I am reminded of how portable and special Theatresports is. We performed at a corporate gig on Friday night and then we were "the cherry on the top" at a barmitzvah on Sunday. But honestly, it feels great to be writing a post that’s "we beat the blackout" and positive.

Interweb love

You have got to love the interweb! I have been in a bit of a funk for a few days. I confess, the Eishkom crisis, the rapid rise in crime, the resurgence of “leave speak” even among my family, and the political double speak triple lie nature of SA government biz has left me feeling down and blue. So, I really needed some cheering up, which happened in the funniest and most unexpected way. This is what is making me lag big time.

Big Friendly is furious. He is wanting to search for the guys who are going after the Scientologist guys in the US and A and send them to Steve Hofmeyr! Apparently, Steve himself read my opinion about his affair and took offence and wrote about it on his blog! He decided I was dumb because I couldn’t tell the difference between morality and him fighting for his cultural heritage (a bit Zumaesque in protest, if you ask me).  Then, lower down he says I couldn’t understand that he had fallen in love! Blah blah blah excuse for kak (immoral) behaviour blah blah. I am delighted that I deserve a mention. You moeggoe Steve! If you fall in love, the idea is not to HURT those you love. It’s not only about YOU. Own up you big baby. Anyway, Big Friendly has a client who is a huge Steve fan and when Big saw her yesterday she had read my post and is equally pissed with him for his uiters kak behaviour. You can call me names boet, and say what you like, you are the guy that did bad.

kitty news

Just to say, we don’t have a kitty yet. we were both too emotional and tired yesterday. I think we’ll wait a few days and then go off to D.A.R.G to choose one. But a teeny piece of ‘good news’ is that one of the dogs, we have no idea how, left a small, dead, slightly squished and damp mouse for Big Friendly to pick up near our bedroom door when we came home last night.

Kissed By Brel revisited

Last night we went to see the final performance of the latest run of Kissed By Brel at The Masque in Muizenberg. It’s been almost exactly a year since I first saw the show and wrote about it here on megan’s head. Claire Watling and accompanist Godfrey Johnson have only improved what was an already fantastic, award winning piece of cabaret/theatre. Jacques Brel would be very proud of how they perform his amazing songs.

I don’t know what it is about Claire but from the moment she opened her mouth she had me in heart wrenching, back breaking, snot smearing tears. I sobbed my heart out from beginning to end of the show, with a few breathers during the funny songs. And I’ve seen the show before!

The Masque is a weird and old fashioned pros-arch venue, making it a bit formal for audience and performer. It also attracts a very particular kind of somebody, particularly for the 6.15pm show on a Saturday. Many Brel Grannies were in the audience, paying homage to Brel. I am certain they found some of Claire’s emotional stuff a little hard going. What do I care? I loved it. I wept.

all night kitty

These things happen in waves. I am going through animal stuff at the moment. Last night I came home happy after a brilliantly successful corporate gig. We were lucky. Corporates can go horribly wrong, especially if the group has had a lot to drink. But they were a wonderful group and they totally got what we were doing and it was lovely.

Then, Big Friendly and I jumped into bed. Above the wind though, I could hear something. A meow. Over and over again. Finally Big and I put on clothes and went outside. There was a teeny ginger kitten stuck in our neighbour’s front yard. She wasn’t there, and this poor and terrified little thing couldn’t get out. Big Friendly went to get a bowl of milk but when he went inside the yard the kitten escaped and ran underneath a parked car in the road. which is where it stayed, meowing plaintively but totally immobile. So there we were at 1230am, me lying on the pavement and glopping wet dog food under the car, and Big Friendly on hands and knees in the middle of the road going, "come kitty, come kitty." This tiny thing is obviously totally feral and was terrified of us. There was literally nothing we could do. We went back to bed. And lay there, eyes wide open, listening.

This morning we feel like we were hit by trains. And there is no sign of the kitten.

What is equally disconcerting, although a separate animal story, is that the mice have returned. About three of them pulled in yesterday. Teeny, unafraid, scampering adventurers going from one end of the kitchen to the other, they have totally freaked us out. Big Friendly had to plug in the super sonic blaster repellent, but it takes a while for the mice to get the message.

We are both in tears now, talking about Saskia, our cat who was run over last year. Big Friendly and I are going to DARG to look for a kitten to love this morning. We’ve decided. DSC00220 In the meantime, here is a picture of the most amazing, hilarious, beautiful, clumsy, fearless, sweet, bandy legged, child friendly, dog abusing, feet attacking, under bed crawling, mouse catching, feather duster toy playing, irreplaceable, special place in our hearts and memories cat.

Don’t be scared. It is just a phase. At some point really soon I will blog about all the other stuff.

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