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Jozi and fandamily

We are up in Jozi for the weekend. My boet turns 40 today. He is an old man, and I am even older. I remember, my father was 40 when we drove down to Cape Town from Jozi for me to start ‘varsity. We smoked cigarrettes illegaly, he had already given up, and took a meandering trip in one of his huge cars, got a speeding fine outside Bloem, went past his childhood house in Tulbagh, and arrived in Rosebank Cape Town, to res! We took my duvet, clothes, record player and records out of the boot and dumped them into my pizza slice shaped res room. The rest is history.

It’s good to be here in celebration of my brother and the passing of time. We are lucky. we really, really like each other. And so, even here, I would like to wish him a truly happy birthday. 

warning: nothing, absolutely nothing

It was bound to happen. It’s been 13 months, or a year and a month, and this is the first time that I have absolutely nothing to say. Really. Nothing. Theatre? No. Academy Awards? Uh uh. Idiotic Argus rehearsers. Not even. The small furries? Don’t let me bore you.

I’m sure it will pass, but right now I have truly nothing to say. Savour the moment.

Let’s…Face It

Big Friendly and I have literally walked in the door after having gone to see Face It at the Kalk Bay Theatre. I thought, in the spirit of the show’s content, I would get right down to it and “share” my personal opinions with the rest of the world at large. On my blog. On the interweb. Like Twakkie says.

The show was devised and created by Anne Hirsch and Alicia Price, performed by the former and directed by the latter. And it’s about the internet in general and facebook in particular. Ish. It is a collection of quirky, off-the-wall scenes and video inserts, that lasts about forty five entertaining minutes.

The things I enjoyed. Anne is delightful and engaging. She created a great relationship with her (tonight’s rather small) audience, and she is also very funny. I liked all the facebook references and found them clever and funny. The subject matter is fresh and young and very hip. I loved the scooter and the surprise ending. My most favourite part was the character, photos and dialogue of Tessa Techie. She was totally up my alley and I found her hilarious and nuts.

The things that were not fantastic. The show was a bit too short. The video inserts were not consistently good. I liked the first ‘ring of fire’ one. The second one was very cool because it was totally interactive with the footage, and the performer was totally integrated. The last two were too long, obscure and served as costume change interludes. Naah. Then, there was too much stuff that was brought onto stage, used once, and then taken off.

I had fun, but I was expecting a bit more…revelation? discourse? discovery? The style sits between theatre and stand-up, with a very direct relationship with the audience. (Poor Big Friendly was picked on in the opening moments and then made fun of for the duration. His little cheeks flamed.) This ‘informal’ style is relaxed but it definitely takes away some of the theatricality.

The biggest problem that I think the show has, is going to be its appeal to a relatively limited audience. My sense is that it is not entirely a Kalk Bay Theatre audience type of show. It is not the sold-out Shirley Valentine. And my other sense is that the target audience, who would love the show, don’t go and see live theatre.

So, in a nutshell, it was good to see young, fresh, creative talent out there, but I think more could be done with the concept and there could be more of it and tighter. It’s a laugh, but right now I have to sign in to facebook and carry on my game of Scrabulous with ‘one of my best friends, confirm’ in L.A.

Snoek Braai Cape Town Style

I heard the ‘Snoek horn’ blowing yesterday and I ran into the road, with others from our little street and I bought a whole Snoek off the back of a bakkie. Two ancient old fishermen sit in the cab, while two young guys ride on the back with the load of Snoek and one blows the little silver horn, letting the neighbourhood know that they have a catch.

I chose my fish, a ‘small’ one for R45, and it was gutted for me on a small piece of carpet on the back of the bakkie. Still with head and tail on, one of the ancient guys wrapped it in newspaper and I marched up the road with a whole fish in my arms.

I hacked off the tail and head and cut the thing in half, put half in the deepfreeze and the other in an apricot jam and lemony marinade.

For supper we had braaied Snoek and sweet potatoes. Big Friendly made the fire in our portable braai in our back courtyard, and as the sun went down we cooked on hot coals. Delicious. Big Friendly, the dogs, the cats and I were “maagies vol, ogies toe” and we cleaned up and went to bed. Lekker.


While I was researching getting a kitten I came across Anoux Massey and her organisation P.E.T.S, Pet Empowerment in TownShips. They do the most amazing work rescuing dogs and cats and taking them to foster homes before re-homing them. I have seldom come across a more dedicated and hardworking somebody. Anoux sends out emails to her mailing list every single day with pictures and info of animals in desperate need of loving homes. So, every day I look at the pictures and my heart melts. There are too many to show here but I’ll give you an idea.

clip_image001[7]                              clip_image001[9]

Now these goggos need a home. And these too! They are sisters!

clip_image002 clip_image002[4]

Do you see what I mean? Besides loving homes, P.E.T.S needs money too. So I really want to help them in whatever way I can. My animals are spoiled and pampered and loved within an inch of their little lives and they all have a rescue history. It can be done. I guess you can tell that I’m feeling passionate. If you can help at all, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with them.

A beautiful TheatreSports night

Last night at The Kalk Bay Theatre was one of those nights. We had a biggish audience and most of them were TheatreSports virgins.We had a few crazy games, lots of excellent team playing, not so good, quite good, very good and even excellent moments, and I had the time of my life. Just before we went on stage, while the emcee (last night it was the delicious Jess who is one of my favourite emcees. It can be a bit of a thankless job, but Jess makes it very special. I digress. No kidding?) was doing the introduction, I told my fellow players how lucky I felt to be going onto stage without an idea of what was going to happen. pic2 Of course there are slight nerves because you want it to be good, and obviously it isn’t always, but there is such joy in improvising. And last night the audience witnessed that and even participated in that joy. So I am a very lucky fish. 

Here Nicholas and Candice show what it feels like. Yeee haaaaah!!

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