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Lucky Fish

Last night I was driving home from a sold-out TheatreSports show at the Kalk Bay Theatre and I was talking to Candice, one of our fab players, who emceed last night’s show.  Obviously we were full of that adrenaline that comes from having just performed in front of a big audience, and there is nothing commoner than two performers blowing their own trumpet a bit (not the trumpet that we used in the show during Long Chain Murder!) It was just so great to be enthusing so about what we do and how well it is received. TheatreSports remains a delight to me, almost 17 years on. Our TheatreSports  group will be celebrating our 15th birthday in November and I played for two years before that, in Jozi. candice

Last night five people celebrated their birthdays by coming to watch TheatreSports. I love that. There are practical reasons why they do; we are so affordable, our shows are totally accessible and we appeal to a really wide age group. But mostly people come for the thing that Ben Zander calls "shining eyes". We get shining eyes in the magic of what we do and the audience gets shining eyes with us.

I’ve always said that I am so lucky to be doing this thing that I love, but Candice improved on that. She said TheatreSports had given her confidence and the ability to handle auditions and doing the course years ago had kind of kick started things for her acting wise. I got excited by this, and took it further. By the time we got to town I had decided TheatreSports was not only a philosophy but also a way of life!

Snoek Braai 2

So, of all the posts I have ever written, the one that got the most attention EVER was the one about the snoek braai! I feel obliged to give my recipe.

Snoek Braai Recipe

I take the whole Snoek (which has already been gutted) and I lop off the head and tail. If it’s a big one I’ll halve it. Then I make a thickish sauce of apricot jam, soya sauce, chillie flakes, fresh crushed garlic, and lemon juice. I coat the snoek with it and fling it on the hot coals in one of those braai grills that is flippable. The sauce helps the skin side go crispy and the flesh side go sticky. Don’t forget to wrap sweet potatoes and potatoes in tin foil and gooi them on the coals before you do the fish.

I like it when the Snoek is well done and dark on the outside. Serve with the potatoes and lots of butter. Yum. I get hungry just thinking about it.

Heart sore

I have been truly heart sore since yesterday. Ever since the really terrible rains I became aware of a dog crying and barking in distress from somewhere beyond the alleyway that runs behind our row of houses. I called the SPCA and gave them what I thought the address of the house that had dog was, but I was wrong. I heard the dog on and off for the next week, called the SPCA again, got no result, and then on the weekend I found out from one of my neighbours that I had given the wrong street address to the SPCA. I called again on Monday morning, finally giving them the right address. Big Friendly said that somebody called from the SPCA yesterday to say that they had picked the dog up on Monday and he was in such poor shape they had to put him down immediately, to put him out of his misery. I am tortured by the idea of this dog, and how long it took me to help him. I am filled with a seriously disturbing rage for the unknown people who did this, and those who allowed it to happen. I am filled with hate and despair. And I am truly heart sore.

early doz

I’ve got a few things on my mind. Which is probably why I was wide awake at 3am this morning, thinking about them. One of the things that was confounding me was, early doz. Big Friendly and I first heard ex spin bowler and sometime in-studio panel TV guest and convener of the selectors for the Poepteas, Omar Henry, say it. We thought he meant to say "early days" but made a mistake and said "early doz" or "early doors". We laughed like drains because DOZ sounds like the slang my boet peppers his talk with (my boet is king of slang; if you don’t know him you have no idea what he is talking about). My boet talks about a kak doz as a bad hair-do, for men. Women have a vas lollie! So, "early doz" quickly became my (and Big Friendly’s) favourite saying, and we would shout it, with full accent, whenever we needed to; either for an early morning hairdo, or if it was too soon to say how things would turn out, or even sometimes just sommer, "early doz!"

Imagine both of our total surprise when we heard, more than once, other cricket commentators using it! It’s happened four or five times now, during games or in studio, where someone has said "early doz"! Now, I am pretty good at English and my vocab is quite good, but in all my years I have never learnt "early doz"! What is it? How do you spell it? what does it mean exactly? Or am I just being moerse dof?

I suppose that because this is actually about cricket, congrats are in order to the Poepteas for their terrific win over the increasingly badly behaved British in their second test.

PS. Hau bo to AB for making a horrible mistake, but well rescued as well. He took it on the chin and played a hero’s innings after that!

Blaise Koch

I have just got home from TheatreSports tonight and seen emails that Blaise Koch has died. Blaise was a fantastic actor, brilliant comic, real teacher and one of the most generous, funny and kind people I had the privilege of working with.

I knew he was sick and I thought about him only a couple of days ago, even though I hadn’t seen him for ages, but I am sad at his passing. Go well Blaise.

My two worst things to be told

I heard my two worst sentences today. These are things I absolutely hate. My second worst one was at the Woodstock Food Market at the Old Biscuit Mill. Someone said sweetly, “I’m sorry, this seat is being saved for somebody!” Now, that drives me a bit dilly. When all are scrambling for a place to sit and eat, when every bench and plastic covered bale of hay is “taken”, an empty spot is busy “being saved” for somebody who isn’t there. Grrrrrrrr.

My all time worst sentence in the world I heard while Big Friendly and I were walking the dogs early this morning. A fellow dog walker stopped to chat, remarking that it was good to be out early today because this afternoon was going to be chaos, what with the soccer. And then she said it, and my blood started boiling! “I’m not a racist but.” If there is one sentence I cannot tolerate. If there is one sentence that is the lie it claims not to be. If there is one sentence I cannot listen to the rest of. “I am not a racist but.” Cut the bullshit. Admit it. You are a racist. And stay away from me you nasty piece of work. If there is one thing worse than a racist it’s a racist pretending not to be because they know it’s bad.

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