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I went to the second showing of Sprawl at Artscape’s Arena this evening (the first one happened at 4pm) and I was so disappointed that there were so few people there. It was a staged reading of Juliet Jenkin‘s new piece. These staged readings are amazing. Actors and directors have a week to put something together and even though the actors still have scripts in their hands, you forget after two minutes.

I was pretty excited by the piece, which is a collection of fragments of story, observations, conversations, profound statements, silliness, nostalgia and whimsy. Juliet had a great and committed cast, my favourite being Julia Anastasopoulos. I was quite taken with the text and I am sure that it deserves a ‘full production’ status next year. I think that with a budget for interesting things on stage all sorts of magic and layering and complication could happen. I am just worried that there weren’t enough people to give the show the feedback it deserved.

Well, this is my two cents worth.

How will they Cope with Peter Marais

Peter Marais00_Nuus_wk I have been watching the story of Cope with cautious excitement. I am generally nervous of all politicians and their promises, but I liked the idea of a breakaway party who expressed grave dissatisfaction with the ANC. But today I am worried. According to the Sunday Slimes, Peter Marais has been welcomed by Cope. Yes, that Peter Marais who has been an embarrassment to the DA, the no longer in existence NNP, the city of Cape Town, the mayor’s office, the people of Cape Town, women, you name it.  And it’s made me quite uncomfortable. The article says Marais thinks "Cope created a new bridge for coloureds and whites" blah blah, and "Cope means the chance of a new beginning for us – a second chance." Hoo boy. I absolutely cannot manage this man anywhere near politics again. And Cope  needs to be really careful that it doesn’t become a dumping ground for every failed, crooked and out-of-favour buffoon, who wants a second chance.

A week to go Tententent!

I am shattered and it’s only 21h09. It’s been one of those long and intense days but I am more than happy about where we’re at right now. The whole thing is beginning to take shape and Pitchie Rommelaere, who is master of sound, has sent me the opening soundscape and music to listen to and I am delighted. We also went to PMH to try on some costumes this arvie and we were mostly lucky, with only a few bits and pieces still to find, thanks to the amazing Hester. She scratched and dug around and came up with some amazing stuff.  The performance dates and times are: Friday 5 December at 1800 and 2030 and Saturday 6 December at 1600 and 2030. The tickets are only R35. Please come and then tell us what you think. We’d love to get as much feedback as possible so we can take the show forward.DSC00404

I love this pic of Tandi Buchan and Margie Pankhurst I took during rehearsals.

the brutal face of crime and poverty and desperation and violence on a beautiful Cape Town morning

It’s only 09h10 and I haven’t even gone to rehearsals yet, but I am shaken and headachy. Big Friendly says it’s from the adrenalin. On the corner of our tiny road in Woodstock there is a block of crumbling, ancient flats that is getting a bit of a make-over. The work is haphazard and messy, with men and dust and banging. It’s the usual; a make-shift team of foreign illegal labour, doing their best to make a few Rand.

This morning the workers caught an itinerant somebody rifling through their clothes. Apparently, yesterday some workers’ clothes were stolen. When he tried to run away they caught him and started beating him. Big Friendly went to stop them from killing him while I called 10111. What a joke. As I put the phone down I realised it had been a total waste of time and I found the number for, and called the Woodstock police station, panicking the whole time for Big Friendly. The Woodstock police station is not even four blocks away from us. Still, it took four phone calls and over half an hour for a ‘lorrie’ to get here. Every couple of minutes the workers would get disgruntled and want to hit him again. Every few minutes I called and was either bitched at by the call answerer at the police station, or put on hold while he took another call. When the van finally got here they took him away. I’m convinced he wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t.

It’s just so sad. The poorest of the poor are being robbed by the even poorer. There is no faith in the law, or justice or policing. When the police arrived all the workers scattered. They are also breaking the law by being illegal immigrants. I can’t imagine how bad it must have been for them that what they are suffering now is better.

Alfred’s production design

The Tent Design A Rietmann

Beautiful drawing by Alfred Rietmann for The Tent.


Here’s another one, from iol today. A tent in the DRC.


pic: AFP

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