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Month: December 2008 (Page 1 of 4)

a wet blanket

Is exactly what I don’t want to be, but.

I am still gloating over the Proteas‘ awesome win and hoping for a series whitewash. I am reading articles and opinions and comments from all over. This morning I read some beautiful things on Sport 24 and I was particularly moved by this comment by an Anonymous User

In the early hours of this morning, I sat alone in front of the television, the ground outside covered in a hard English frost, so far from my old home in South Africa, and as the winning runs were scored, I wept. You all made me SO proud! It is not just the winning, but the manner of the winning. After Perth I was too afraid to imagine that you could do it again. But I should not have worried. With your magnificent captain leading the way, you showed not just great skill and determination, but all those other great sporting attributes – calmness, concentration, a well-grounded self-belief, and, above all, COURAGE. And in winning so convincingly, though it must have been tempting, I saw no gloating, no mocking, no arrogance; just pure joy. Well done boys. I hope you carry on playing this great game with such passion and pride.

Really beautiful hey? and this got me thinking. A guy in England can sit and watch the game on TV, but here in SA, unless you have DSTV you are out for the count. This is totally hectic. Especially for supporters who wanted to watch this last game which started at 1h30 in the morning. You couldn’t like, hang out in a sports bar exactly. There is nothing more deliberately divisive than lack of access. So, I just hope nobody is too surprised when cricket’s support base is analysed and criticised for lack of transformation. SABC, you are moegoes!

we don’t like cricket. We LOVE it, yeah

Big Friendly and I are going to be setting the alarm again at one thirty tomorrow morning. How can we not? Dale St..eina made such magic and in fact, I am having a ceremony here, on meganshead right now. From now on, my outlook has changed and my attitude, along with Graeme Smith‘s captaincy, has matured, developed and improved. So, here on this blog, the name Poepteas is gone, a thing of the past. Viva those big SA mountain blomme, viva!

Braaiing in the rain

Cousin Alan has been in town and we promised him our famous Snoek braai but only managed to get it together yesterday; cousin Alan is leaving today. Of course, big Friendly and I are not allowed to even say the B(raai) word, because every time we suggest it the Cape wind picks up and it becomes impossible to execute. Yesterday it went a step further, and it literally bucketed down. But we were onward and forward regardless, and the results were wolfed down with glee. But here is Big Friendly doing a McGyver with braai and brolly. DSCF1324


Believe it ‘coz it’s true

I would never have thought that it was possible. I am sitting here and the score is 458/9. SA are over 60 runs ahead! When Big Friendly came into the room at six this morning I feared the worst, but no! Dale Steyn managed a 76 but newcomer JP Dumini reached a massive 166 to push SA into the lead of 65. He’s just gone out. And the whole Aussie team has headaches. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Is all I can say. Talk about letting it all just slip away. I can’t pretend that I’m not disappointed; I really hoped the Poepteas would manage this second test better. Don’t get me wrong; I am not killing the game before it happens, I’m just terrified that another two hundred runs with seven wickets down is a totally out of reach ask. It’s agony. And at a completely ridiculous time of the morning. It’s a long wait to tomorrow.

Cricket hangover

Spurred on by my boet’s harsh criticism that Big Friendly and I were not proper cricket supporters because we didn’t wake up at four am to watch the first test, Big Friendly set the alarm for one thirty this morning and we literally stumbled out of bed and onto the couches to watch. Needless to say, by two am I was snoring and stiff necked on the couch and I dragged myself to bed, joke over. When I woke up at six, with a throbbing headache, Big Friendly was still watching and I joined him for the next coupla hours. And they were quite exciting, and it feels like the Poeps are in control. I hope that the tail doesn’t wag us again and we can clean up early tomorrow. I want to see what the boys are going to be like with their willows. But tomorrow I’ll just wake up early and take me chances. It’s going to be a long, windy, hard, exhausting day today.

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