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facebook addict

image It’s true. I am a facebook addict. I change my status and let everybody know what I’m doing and how I feel. I comment on the status of my facebook friends, and I look at their photos; of their animals and birthday parties and children. I join groups and become a fan of famous people. My blog is linked to facebook. I send messages about TheatreSports to the TheatreSports group and I follow other interesting groups and events. I market all my productions on facebook and find out what other theatre sorts are up to. I check in to facebook often and I love it. But mostly I love Scrabble on facebook. I play with my friends. We have these slow, word a day games that are delicious. And then I play complete strangers. It’s fast, ruthless and totally addictive. I’m getting quite good actually. Anyone for a game?

Earth hour

Every now and then an opportunity comes along to do something and be part of the global community. I signed up for Earth Hour a while ago because I liked the idea of people choosing do do something active to give meaning to a cause. So when Earth Hour swung around last night in our neck of the woods, we were out in the candlelit courtyard having a braai with best friends and family. And it was beautiful. We were blessed with a wind free, warm evening and a star studded night sky. We ate and laughed and talked as the coals burned and the cats jumped around in the creepers.

Here we go

Right now, on iol!

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) appears set to vindicate Jacob Zuma’s claims of a political conspiracy. It is likely to announce early next week that charges against the ANC president will be dropped.

Slippery slope.

I love it!

I needed something to cheer me up and I got exactly what I wanted. A lekker krekker of a 2020 and the Proteas winning in the end. I love 2020. It’s short, furious, reckless, personality cricket (except for the dancing bunnies after boundaries, better than those Standard bank Kaboom girls, but still). Last night’s personalities were Aussie David Hussey, who slam dunked 88 off 44 balls and then took two wickets for 21, and Albie Morkel who did a few huge sixes for SA. It was Mark Boucher who won the game though. The old terrier hung on with his teeth and saved the night.

It was a bit scary when one of the big lights blew after the Aussies had bowled just three balls to the Proteas. I could see there was an electrical problem at the ground; the cameras had been jumping and frame flickering all night. All the stadia in SA have to be tiptop for the….IPL!!!

I can’t wait. I loved last year’s 2020 competition and this year it’s going to be played here. It is so cool. Yay.

This has at least shifted my gloom about what is happening here politically. I had one of those Oprah lightbulb moments yesterday. I realised (probably years after everybody else) that zoom zoom Zuma is not going to go to court. I realised that something somewhere was going to change to make that a reality regardless of the law of the land or the constitution or the NPA or anything. I guess I always knew that. But it’s the fact that people are literally ok to put a crook into the seat of the presidency of this country that made me miserable. I mean, the reality is that we are going to have a president and we can’t believe a word he says. And he is going to be ‘chosen’ in a democratic way. People are going to vote for the guy. It’s too depressing to contemplate.

I seriously hope there is an IPL match scheduled for voting day. That’s what I’ll be watching.

Positive PANSA

Last night I learned something beautiful at the PANSA (Performing Arts Network of South Africa) AGM. I’m not a huge meeting goer; I get impatient after 10 minutes, but I was glad I could make this year’s AGM since it wasn’t on a Monday or Tuesday (TheatreSports) night.

Anyhoo, there was a lively little debate about the state of the industry, in which Marianne Thamm spoke about the Fleur du Cap awards and explained how they work, and then it was the nuts and bolts of the AGM stuff. Well done PANSA, for growing and working and creating and developing. Well done Brian Heydenrych, last year’s chair Tanya Surtees and treasurer Erica Glynn-Jones. Well done to the others who sit more behind the scenes too.

At one point Tanya explained PANSA’s new action/slogan; Positive PANSA, and I got it in an instant. It is so powerful. Just saying it makes it true. This kind of thing is not new for me; it’s the basis of all improvisation, but to see it powerfully in action in another context was amazing. The strength of positive means no fighting, taking stuff on, owning stuff and shifting stuff, which is exactly what the top guys did when they were challenged or attacked. I (on the other hand) often held my breath. I wanted to lash out in my normal, boxing gloves way, but the more I positive PANSA’ed, the stronger and better I got.


This is a pic from the play I directed at the PANSA 48hr festival showcase in Jan 2009.

Finally joining the Dalai Lama Visa issue circus

I really, really, really wanted this one to happen without me writing a post. I have signed the petitions, joined the facebook groups, Avaaz, Care 2, you name it. I share the sentiment of every shocked and concerned liberal with enough education to revere the Dalai Lama. So there’s nothing new there. But hau bo! ANC, nou maak jy my bietjie heeltemal mal!

Poor ole Barbara Hogan, inheritor of the biggest mess of a portfolio from Manto ‘Meshuga’ Msimang, who is actually getting down and doing a good job, has been shooshed and will probably find life a little more difficult because she didn’t toe the party line about the Dalai Lama not being granted a visa. Shame. It’s kak to have an opinion and then express it hey Barbs? Seems you forgot that the ANC has only one way of thinking and everyone in the party agrees. Eish.

Bob Maniac Mugabe pops in and out of SA like a weasel, crooks buy luxury beachfront houses to hide in and spend their loot, despots, crackpots, and the politically cooked are all entertained in the Tuinhuis. But the Dalai Lama can’t come because he will detract from the 2010 soccer world cup. I can’t even think of one more clever thing to say. I am totally floored.

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