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I have never lifted a press release and copied it directly onto my blog before, but my friend Margaret wrote it, and I don’t want to change a word. It’s a really great little story and they need all the help (and cash) they can get.

21 April 2009

SANCCOB has made history by successfully staging a mammoth operation to move 129 oiled African penguins from Luderitz in Namibia to their centre in Cape Town. 

On Tuesday afternoon, 21 April, SANCCOB admitted 129 dusty and tired African penguins to our centre in Cape Town after they had endured a gruelling 20 hour road trip that spanned 1 300 kilometers.

On hand to welcome the weary band of travellers were SANCCOB veterinarian, Dr. Tertius Gous, and an experienced  team of staff members and volunteers, who immediately began the intensive rehabilitation process.

This sort of rescue doesn’t come cheap and SANCCOB is asking all lovers of the African penguin (listed ‘vulnerable’ to extinction in the red data list) to dig deep into their pockets to help us to pay for the rehabilitation of these 129 plucky penguins.

The cost of the rescue is estimated to cost in the region of R100 000.

To contribute towards the cost of this rescue:

Go to click on the ADOPT A PENGUIN BUTTON to adopt a penguin for R500 

Go to menu and click on the DONATE BUTTON to donate

Or contact Margaret Roestorf, SANCCOB Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator Tel: +27 21 557 6155; Mobile: +27 82 495 6339; email:

Please remember that EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.  We will regularly update the story on our website as it unfolds, so that you can track the rehabilitation of these charismatic creatures back into the wild.

Safe at SANCCOB We're hungry!!!

Better than Susan Boyle

I’ll get to her later, and shatter your bleary eyed dreams, but the best thing on the interweb right now is fake IPL player. Wow. The guys are going nuts!

TheatreSports pre-election performance

Have you thought what election sounds like in a Chinese accent? I love how this post is beginning to sound like one of those spams I keep getting with the spellink misteaks.

No really, since the government has given us a whole day to vote tomorrow, I think ya’ll should pull in to the Kalk Bay Theatre tonight to watch our pre-election performance of TheatreSports tonight. Show starts at 2030 but you can come early and eat pasta before, and the show and pasta costs a ridiculous R100 a person.

We had a great one last night at The Intimate (we were full) and tonight could be even better. Who knows? That’s what improv is all about.

Visit our web site to book!

IPL; it’s just not India

Don’t get me wrong; I am still watching, I have chosen a favourite team (ish) and I love the game. But it really isn’t the same as last year, is it?

First up, we had a proper Cape Town winter weekend. Which is to be expected, since it is actually the middle of April. Then, we had a Newlands special. The lights got broke. Then there was a dog on the field. For eleven minutes. I kid you not.

My biggest issue though was the crowd. Now, I was in Oudshoorn when the tickets for the IPL went on sale, and Big Friendly told me that they sold out in an hour and a half. So I was expecting to see that. I mean, the magnificence of seeing a game in India is the size of the crowd and its passion! But no, at Newlands the cameramen had to cheat and angle their crowd shots to avoid the vast empty seats. Who were those tickets sold to? It’s only 15000 or so seats. Surely we could have managed a better crowd? I don’t get it.

Go and Vote

I’m going to ask everyone I see, even though it’s properly too late. I mean, if you haven’t registered, you can’t. But, for those of you who are registered, please, apathetic Capetonians, complaining Jozi burgers, nervous Durbanites, please, go to the polls.

I am anxious about this election. I see the comparison between popular choice Zoom Zoom Zuma and USA’s own disaster version George Dubya Bush. I am anxious that in Zuma’s hands our most valued constitution is at risk.

I joined the world in excitement about Barak Obama and although I know we had that in Madiba, I really want South Africa to have those kinds of politicians and presidents again. One that really does care about the people. One that will keep his or her promises. One that is able to sell the journey of improvement even though it is going to be long and hard and full of work, as opposed to false promises, handouts and favouritism. I want a president chosen for what he/she stands for, not because he has managed to wriggle out of stuff. I want to believe that the person who is in charge of my country cares more about the people and the land than they do about their position and the power it brings.

I want people to go and vote in an effort to be part of the process. I want people to vote because this country belongs to us and its politicians need to do our work, with us in mind. I want people to go and vote because every vote is counted, and every vote does count.

Woza weekend

Like you can’t believe. I am so happy so see the back of this last week, which, for many reasons, has been hard, horrible and stressful. I start today with a Femina photo shoot, with me and three gorgeous stand-up comic women! Should be interesting. Then I have a session in the recording studio to finish up some long drawn out project. But, after that, I am going to take advantage of a birthday present and have an hour’s flotation session and a full body massage.

Then, out for a bite with best friends, then, a wedding ceremony tomorrow, not to mention the IPL all weekend. Woza!!!!!!

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