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Opel, corsa not.

I know my posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately. Truth is I have been most preoccupied with things mostly mundane. Organising stuff. My worst. Not worth writing about. And thinking about Noah of Cape Town.

So I thought; it’s hammering down and wintry dark this Friday morning. What could be better than a massive moan? Get it of my chest. Start with a clean slate this morning. Build up a whole new head of steam, I thought.

Opel_Logo Yesterday I took my car to get fixed. There were a few niggly things worrying me and I wanted to get them sorted out. Now, a couple of days ago I noticed that my little Opel badge on my boot had been stolen. It looks like they just pop off quite easily; it wasn’t even stuck on with glue. I can’t tell you how this little act of petty crime irritated me. So, I thought I’d ask the official dealers to get me a new one. I knew something funny was going to happen when they said they would quote on it. Which they did. R450. For that little plastic badge. R450. I politely told them to put the badge where nobody would see it.

I drove home in a huff. And got stuck in peak hour traffic. Next to more than just a few Opel Corsas. And one in four of them had their back badge missing. This started creating a bit of a picture in my mind. And it’s not a good one. Opel make the damn things easy to steal. They are not integrated into the car like other logos. They are not stuck on. They are meant to be stolen and then, a new R450 one needs to be bought! Sies. I don’t get it, Opel. Surely it’s not good brand image that one in four Opels are badgeless?

It has started

Noah of Cape Town has begun. As I write this the cast of 16 magnificents,  as they shall become known, are in their second day of rehearsals. When I called the Big Magnificent, or Jaci de Villiers, yesterday afternoon to find out how it was all going I could hear the magnificents singing in the background. Omigod. This is the most exciting thing that I have ever been involved in. I am actually drooling. And I’m not even there. I can see what’s going to happen though. Sneak visits to the rehearsal venue. “I just thought I’d bring….”, “I was thinking that maybe…”,”don’t you guys need….?”.

I can’t wait. Literally. I am beyond excited.

Check out our facebook group and join. Follow Noah of Cape Town on Twitter.

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Oh the interweb

So I’m sitting here with the magnificent and talented Big Friendly and we (and when I say we I mean me swearing and complaining while Big friendly does stuff and complains when I can’t finish my sentences about what it is I’m complaining about but most of the time it’s interweb stuff so I don’t know exactly what I’m doing or even complaining about) are trying to make the Noah of Cape Town web site. Big Friendly has a list of things he needs me to do and he is setting up twitter profiles, facebook pages, and google thingamies. My head is almost exploding.

Noah is coming

TEST04 I can’t believe it but it’s true. In just over two months Noah of Cape Town, the most brilliant, original, local, never before done, futuristic, a capella musical opens at The Baxter. For me and Graham Weir, the writers of this magnum opus, it is the realisation of a dream long in the manifesting. We started writing it about eight years ago, when 2012 still seemed quite far into the future. (We’ve had to keep pushing that date forward!)

In 2005 the Cantata version was staged as part of Artscape‘s New Writings Programme, and that’s what gave us the kernel of possibility that the full, sixteen member version might, in this lifetime, still happen. And ‘strues bob, thanks to the belief, commitment and backing of Simon Cooper, Noah of Cape Town is in the final stages of getting the cast absolutely finalised. Graham and I are frantically doing rewrites. Jaci de Villiers our most awesome and visionary director is coming soon. Dicky Longhurst is wikkeling with set. Amanda Tiffin is transcribing and working on the music while Graham (who has composed and written all the music) is writing and composing some more. And naturally there is all sorts of stuff happening behind the scenes to get this monster up and running.

Rehearsals start on Monday, which means everybody will need to have a script by then.

Watch this space, and all the other spaces. Noah of Cape Town is coming.

Spot the contradiction

So here’s a copy of my hello peter  complaint and MTN’s pathetic reply. Anyone else spot the contradiction in it?

I am now at the end of my tether. I phone and scream at someone on 808 every single week. I have not received an account from MTN in three months. When I call to find out how much I owe I am given the wrong amount. I am paying for itemised billing that I don’t receive. I have confirmed my postal address and email account at least ten times. Where is my bill? Why can nobody help me? Why do I get shoved from menu to menu? Why do your operators put my call straight back into the menu system?
Is there anybody out there?

Hello megmoan,
Our apologies for the delay in response.
I have requested the billing department to kindly address this matter with urgency.

So, he’s sorry for the delay in response but he has asked the billing dept to address this matter with urgency.

Official hate mail for MTN

That is it. Last straw. I am now going public on every space available to rant about disgusting, useless, pathetic cell phone non-service provider MTN. Even though I’ve linked to their pathetic web site, don’t bother to go there unless you have hours to waste. Even the telephone numbers to land lines are not answered.

Would you believe that I can’t get them to send me my bill? It’s been three months of me calling them, asking where my bill is, confirming my address and email address (which is exactly the same as it has been for years), being put on hold, being cut off, having to call again, being put on hold, having to confirm my address and email address, me screaming, being ‘put through’, which actually means either being cut off outright or getting the main menu again and then….starting all over with a new defensive call centre operator.

Last month I got no bill. Again. Then I got an automated voice threatening the suspension of my service for non-payment. I had to phone and find out how much I owed and demand that they sent me an account. Would you believe I was given the wrong amount? Would you believe that I never received the bill? I paid what I was told and then my account was suspended because I was in arrears for R84. No lies. I had to start screaming all over again. Insert para two here and repeat!

Does anyone know if there really is any way through the minefield of call centre operators? Is it possible to speak to someone else at MTN? Why have they spent all the money they make from me on fake advertising (get this and this and this for free!), sport sponsorship (cricket, soccer, rugby, you name it) and competitions? Why can’t I get a bill? I pay for itemised billing. How hilarious is that? I am literally paying for a service that they are literally not providing.

Omigod, I feel the hysterical waves of MTN rage coming on again. Big Friendly nearly had a heart attack when I started screaming this morning while he was in the shower.

Is there anyone out there who is happy with their cell phone service provider?

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