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Month: August 2009 (Page 1 of 3)

Great advertising

If you haven’t already, pick yourself up a hard copy of this week’s Mail and Guardian. On the page that Shaun De Waal reviews District 9 there is a fabulous ad for The Flamingo restaurant at The Troyville Hotel in Jozi. I love advertising like that; totally opportunistic, cheeky, hilarious and creative. And I’ll remember it for a while. 

Julius and Caster disaster

My friend Tam quotes the genius Julius Mal Enema in her facebook status this morning. He was defending our brand new South African sports hero Caster Semenya. Apparently he said, “It is a racist issue. There are plenty of ugly white women but they don’t get gender tested.”

Way to go Mal Enema. That’s sure to comfort the poor, ugly, black girl.

I have to admit, while finding her really beautiful, I was shocked to hear Caster’s enormous and very manly voice on TV. Not that this means anything about anything. I am worried though that the SA bunch protest too much, and no amount of calling the issue a European racist one is going to settle the debate. Not that I have the answers, nor do I care. But I do think that the SA sports bunch need to be careful about how they ‘protect’ her in what seems to be a more damaging way.

Exciting TheatreSports news

So, for a few years now the TheatreSports training course has been run by other most talented and capable, but I have decided to jump in this time around and train up some new TheatreSports improvisers. And I am so excited. The course will be held on 19, 20 and 26, 27 of September and it is open to anyone who thinks they’ve ‘got that thing’ or even those who want to find out if they do. It’s really intense, really fun and the best way to learn all sorts of amazing things (including bad Russian accents!) by ‘just doing it’ or ‘saying yes!’

Get hold of me, or join our facebum group or sign up for our news letter on the TheatreSports website. Then just come and play!


There’s a lot I love about living in Cape Town. There is a lot that makes me nuts about it too, but the things I love make up for it.

Sub-adult blue wildebeest and calfThere is a howling South Easter out there this morning, so we decided to walk the dogs in the park instead of on the beach; I don’t love whipping, stinging sand blown by ice cold air. Of course, when we got to the park on the other side of the mountain, there wasn’t even a breeze to be had. That’s how it works. we had a great stroll with our two old ladies, who ran, sniffed, rolled, weed, jumped in the stream, chased and said hello to all the other dogs.

DSCF1596But it was the sight of the Wildebeeste on the side of the highway that made my day. The huge, green mountain and her slopes offered up these weird and wonderful creatures this morning. And they were so close I could see their funny, hairy tails. Gotta love this town. 


I am struggling to manage my rage. Sometimes a person reaches a tipping point. Mine happened yesterday when I heard that veteran actress and beautiful woman/mother/friend/hero, Nomhle Nkonyeni’s daughter was murdered by her boyfriend. Obviously it cuts especially deep if you know the person. It just makes it easier to visualise their pain and loss.

I am done. I am done with how people are busy killing the ones that they have relationships with. And the children. This has become a problem solving choice. Kill. How can this be? How can it be that policemen wipe out their whole family? How can a man stab his wife 19 times? How can a woman live in fear of a man and then have it justified by being bludgeoned to death? How can murder be the way to sort it out? I am shocked, horrified, angry, speechless. Why?

District 9 like an alien my broe

So Big Friendly and I have been very excited by the sounds and noises that local movie District 9 has been making. It’s right up my alley. I love SF. I love send up. I love the idea that apartheid and xenophobia are looked at in an original way. I love that it’s local and that it has shot up the charts in such a huge way. It is a success story; just like our own Charlize. I especially love that it seems to have mainstream appeal overseas just like any other weird, SF, action movie would. It opens here on 28 August and I’m going to rush off to see it.

What has been really interesting (and telling) for me is that I have read two blog/reviews by two South Africans, both in America, who hated the fliek. One even walked out before the end. They both raised the same points and were equally disgusted by the movie and how it made them feel. They felt that the bad guy was a total Afrikaans stereotype. They felt that South Africans were portrayed as idiots. They felt that Americans would get the completely wrong impression of what South Africa and its people are like. They were embarrassed. They felt that the script was trite and weak.

Last night we got into a bit of a discussion before TheatreSports about art movies and mainstream movies and money and South African films. Everyone agreed that our serious movies often have a very limited, art house appeal. But we were all nervous about being misunderstood by a runaway success story, block buster, SF, action fliek.

I don’t know. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see it. In the meantime, I’m so excited that it’s raking in the dollars. Even if it had big, overseas money behind it. Bravo Neill Blomkamp.

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