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Brill Brills

n129257256411_5077 So Big Friendly and I trekked to Muizenberg last night (I always find it so funny that Cape Slownians find the 20 minute drive a trek) to go and listen to Heather Mac and The Brills (Mark Harris, Tonia Selley and Ian Cohen). And what a lekker gig it was. Heather was so in voice and the others are fine musos. Heather’s new song is fantastic and one or two of the older ones still klap me and I ended up smearing my mascara.

We were properly in Cape Town, with aging hippy jollers, and more than half of those I recognised were grey, or fat or spectacled. We are all getting old. But in such a delightfully Cape Town way. We must get out more.

That’s me!

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So Big Friendly sent me a link to a blog thinking I’d be interested in his take on writing theatre reviews. His take was okayish. Here’s what he thinks about it. I agree with bits, but basically I think it’s a bit wishy washy. I don’t think his writing would propel me to the theatre, or keep me away.

From that post I went to his home page. Bad idea. There is that awful spelling mistake in his post title, which made me go all hysterical. I mean, it’s a spelling mistake and an apostrophe omission in the same word, ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’. I should have known, and read no further. But in the third line of the post, the judges where happy. I kid you not. Now I know there are lots of people who can’t do ‘where’ and ‘were’, but they ask. It’s not okay for a blogger, who is writing about important stuff like theatre to get that one wrong.

I need to make it clear that I’m not being a priss and that I understand the informality of blogging styles. I know that bloggers make typos and use quirky language and slang. But where and were, and your and you’re. Hai bo. No.

That link

To that fantastic review in the Sunday Times. TheatreSports rocks. It’s cheap. And brilliant. Come see us.

Women’s day whine

So today is the public holiday dedicated to women, where men get the day off and the open stores are full to the brim with, yep, female shop assistants. WTF? Actually, yesterday was Women’s day, but today is the day that everyone (except the women who have to work, which includes me) gets off. Bamboozling.

We are off to a latish start; it’s raining and we need to walk the dogs. Then I’m coming home to try and finish writing my script for a deadline at the end of the week. We are supposed to be performing TheatreSports tonight (did anyone see our fab review in the Sunday Times by Marianne Thamm?) but the weather and the public hol might keep people away. I propose all women and men come tonight. Some of us players are women. Some are men. Etc.

Shining Showboat

How lucky am I? I was invited to a run through of Cape Town Opera’s Showboat this afternoon. It is not being performed locally before it goes to Sweden for a two week run. My most stunning and super talented shvester-in-law Gina Shmukler has one of the leads in the show (which is how I managed to wangle my way into the run through in the first place) and I really wanted to see what she was up to. I am so glad I did.

It is going to be beautiful. Even without the orchestra, costumes and set it is a very impressive production. It is slick, powerful and impressive, with tons of talent, great singing and dancing and more than a couple of really moving moments.

Ok, I am biased, and I think the sun and moon shine out of and on Gina. She is fabulous. But there are others. Malcolm Terry is great. Catherine Diamond is gorgeous; funny, quirky and totally there. Some of the accents are a bit dodge, but the chorus are amazing. And the spirit and cohesion of the cast are amazing.

I couldn’t really understand what an SA cast doing an old fashioned American musical was all about, but after seeing today’s run through I totally get it. And Old Man River was one of my father’s favourite songs.

Tante B, Gina plays the part that Ava Gardner played. And she sings that song. And it is brilliant!

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