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Almost properly Up

THE TENT 097 Last night was the 2nd preview. We officially open The Tent tonight. But it was like an opening for me last night because my special people were there. Big Friendly, my boet and cousin from Jozi and my long best friends. They gave it the stamp of approval. And, if they like it I am totally happy.

I thought that last night’s show was fantastic. For a second performance in front of an audience the rhythm and pace and intention was so good. What also delighted me (and this has been a preoccupation of mine with this play) was that it appealed to a mixed audience, in terms of colour. In Cape Town there is not the same black theatre going audience as in Jozi, and often theatre productions themselves are either black or white in terms of cast, issues, and also audience appeal. So, even though last night was a mostly invited audience, it was a mixed bunch, and everyone seemed to ‘get it’.

Tonight is the fancy opening. Big Friendly will be happy because it’s when there are vetkoek and soup after the show.

The Tent; out of the woods but not lying in a chair next to the fire, reading a book, yet.

So last night was our first audience, with our first preview. It was totally nerve wracking and we were all a leetle anxious. Naturally, the rhythm was a bit out of whack; some things were too slow and others were too fast. There are a few front of house issues that we need to work on, and the non arrival of bookings was a bit misleading. But, on the whole, even if I say so myself, it went off pretty smoothly. I am so glad we get another chance to find the rhythm tonight, before we open tomorrow.

This play has totally taken over my mind. I dreamed last night that I was married to one of the cast!

Next week will be hilarious. I have to get on with my life! At least there is still the weekend for me to be completely obsessed.


The Tent

A preview pic.


The Tent is opening

There is no denying it. I feel fear. I have been denying it; and it manifested this weekend in a spot of flu. Yesterday I was grumpy and on edge and I even shouted at the cast! I spent a lot of time huffing and puffing, and whining. Pathetic.

I have begged for patience from the theatre gods this morning. I’m going to need it. Today we plot lights. A cast of eight, spending time doing nothing except be there for the lights to be ‘made’.

In two days time we have our first audience. Just writing that down makes it hard for me to breathe. The shift from ‘showcase’ to full production, with a two week run, and crits and important people, and how it will be received, is constantly on my mind.

I am going to stop writing now. I’m sweating too much!

The sleep deprivation energy

I couldn’t stay asleep last night. Every single thing that I need to do in this lifetime decided to come into my brain. As the one thing left, there was a new thing in its place. It stacked up to quite a lot of things. I imagine it’s going to be an interesting day. We are really in a sort of crunch time with The Tent rehearsals. By the end of today, all character, dynamic, emotional work must be locked off and set, because from tomorrow we start getting technical.

I am in an excited state of panic. By the end of every day I am beyond exhaustion, and then I wake up at about three in the morning and it’s over. What this has also meant is that, aside from TheatreSports commitments and performances, I have had a one tracked mind, and haven’t been able to go and see anything else theatrical.

I can’t wait for next week, when The Tent finally opens. That brings with it new feelings of total hysteria, but at least it will be of the ‘no going back’ kind.

TENT E-Leaflet 002

Tribute to Garth

Here is one of my all time favourite photographs. Garth Stead took it as a publicity pic for A Circus Side Show. Cheers to you Garth.

Circus Pic 16

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