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Facebook 2

I haven’t been as regular on my blog as I would have liked. I have been busy (not an excuse since I managed before), I haven’t seen any theatre in the last while, which was always a reason to write, and I’ve been away, and am going away again next week.

But Facebook is so easy to maintain. I can let you know what’s on my mind, tell you where I am, do publicity for shows, like and comment on other people’s stuff, and keep a presence without much effort or energy. I tried twitter, one up on facebook it is only updates, and it was just too boring to do. I can update my facecloth status on my phone. I can facebroek all my friends and ‘friends’ and friends. I can play Scrabble with friends and strangers around the world (except for Canada and USA).

But I always remember that I have friends and ‘friends’ and friends. What this means is that I am aware that you can’t be selective about who will see your status, your notes, your Scrabble score, if you decide to publish it. It’s not hard to do; it’s like making an announcement with the knowledge that 350 odd (in my case) people could see it.

So I really can’t believe the simple idiocy of people who make friends with their bosses and co-workers and then post themselves drinking pina coladas while they’re on sick leave, or who put “my boss is so hideous” in their status!

More and more I read about people being fired for being bust on facebook. I have read amazing stories of people doing their own detective work; a woman found out who assaulted her in a bar, crooks who left restaurants without paying have been found and ‘outed’ on facebook and relationships have begun and ended in a single status update.

Of course we live our lives more publicly than ever before. All sorts of people can find, watch, follow and even stalk others on the internet, and a social networking site like facebum makes it so easy. But it’s still you who has to do it. You have to sign up, on, and do. You have to take responsibility and remember that in a moment of “how cute is that?” you made your granny/long lost cousin/boss/one-night-stand/old head boy your friend, “friend” or friend.

Spam Alert

I have learned to live with spam. I delete the stuff without reading it and get on with my life, but there is one piece of spam that is driving me so nuts at the moment that I can barely contain myself when I see it. So here goes spam spew purge.

Do you get this one? Get a diploma for a better job is its title. Then the first line, in caps, is, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! The cheek of it! The absolute nerve!

So, here I sit, with a pretty worthless BA and performer’s diploma that took me four years to complete with a united effort between parents, many part time jobs and the incredibly lucky award of a scholarship in my final year of study. But, however many set-works I didn’t read, skimmed or study aided, I still had to go. I still had to be there, write the exams, get the certificate. Which, the truth be told, I don’t even think I have anymore, it was all so long ago.

Now, just because you have an email address, you deserve a fake degree, with which you can go out and con your future employer, family and friends (who will wonder at your hidden genius, having been able to hide all that studying from them) and to join the ranks of some few of our own disgraced politicians with their own list of fake degrees. coughkarlcough.

It’s obvious why I find this one so offensive. I don’t mind the penis enlargements, cheap Viagra, fake Lottery winnings. They all play on the vanity and greed that make some people complete, blithering, gullible morons. But fake degrees! That you deserve! because without it nobody takes you seriously, you can’t get a decent job, you are not qualified! Isn’t that the whole damn point about degrees? You do them so you can get a better job (except for a BA and performer’s diploma) and be qualified (except for the performer’s diploma). Give me a break already! Wait, come to think of it (after rereading this) I think I deserve a medical degree. Because really, I just never did get one the real way around. I deserve it!

The Wonderful Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-thon

At about 8.50 yesterday morning Big Friendly, Bayla, Gally and I joined the masses of two and four legged walkers in Tokai for 567 Cape Talk and SPCA‘s little 4.5km stroll through the neighbourhood to raise money for the SPCA. Omigod!

I have never, ever seen so many dogs of every shape, size and description, alongside people of every shape, age and description. Manic Huskies dragged their owners along on short leashes. Yappy Jack Russels went round and round in circles. A few, more timid brakkies panted and stood behind legs. Dalmatians, Alsatians, Golden Retrievers, Pekes and Poms, Scotties, Schnauzers, sausage dogs. There were dogs in bows and dogs in dresses, dogs in bandanas and sparkling bejewelled collars. And there was a lot of dog poop.

When Soli started the walk and we all charged past the starting line Big Friendly and Gally looked a little panicked. It was all too much for them. But soon it settled down and we stomped from watering hole to watering hole, stopping off for sniffing, peeing and checking out moments in the shade, for spray offs from hoses, and little runner blue plastic water for people.

Before an hour was up the whole thing was done and we were making our way back to the car. All four of us had the best time. We’ll be back next year!

That terrible feeling

5671cb488fc54e8cbd05a66e0318eded “I know. It’s happening.”, says Samson in The Tent. And yesterday it started again in De Doorns. Zimbabweans were chased out of their homes, which were destroyed by South Africans who claim they are ‘stealing their jobs’.

I cannot begin to explain to you what I feel. Mostly it’s rage. And also fear. I also feel physically sick when I think about it. How can people do this to each other?

We have to sleep with one eye open. We have to watch their backs. Please. No more xenophobia. Please. No more violence. Please. No more unfixable heartache for these, the most displaced and desperate. 

One down

sm Theatresports Hannelore, Andrew, Ryan So, last night’s TheatreSports show has to be called great. We had a newie, Lisa, perform for the first time and she was fantastic. We had a full house, which rocked. We had balloons, and we even got Pongratz for after the show by a Claire Watling, a TheatreSports veteran (who did the second course that I ran in Cape Town in 1994!)

The show itself was a fantastic mix of hilarious; an expert egg poacher, some inexpert Telkom service men and a Double Script game about a mangled cat, completely weird; a massaging lawyer, two twin sister co-principles of a boarding school, and a Jonathan’s Lisp sci-fi where all L’s became B’s. And those are just the things I can remember.

Sorry for you if you missed it, but not really. Because…there are five more shows this week, at The Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets are cheap. There is no excuse for you not to come. I can’t wait

TheatreSports; 16 years and going strong

sm Theatresports Jon, Nicholas, Yve 04 Right, I have to get right down to it. Tighten the straps, batten down the hatches, draw on the resources, etc. It’s going to be a crazy two weeks of TheatreSports. This week we celebrate our 16th birthday with performances every night and then next week we play here in Slaap Stad on Monday and Tuesday, and then a small team zips off to Knysna for four sold out fundraiser performances.

For everyone who has been or said they would come or meant to come or even thought about coming to a TheatreSports show, this is the week to do it. Let me remind you how cheap it is (R40 @The Intimate and R50 @ Kallk Bay Theatre) and that every single show is different, so you can see it more than once and never see the same thing twice.

Phone me now on 0834403961 to book, or check out the TheatreSports website and book on line.

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