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Sick Survivor Stabbers

Oy, oy, oy, if tonight’s episode is anything to go by, Survivor Santa Carolina is going to be more hectic than I could have imagined. In summary; two big SIESes and one Gys de Villiers!!!!! for Survivor!

Who could have believed that one man could drop out of Survivor because of a rash by his penis? Jub Jub, it’s like karma for your name bro’. I was shocked. And disgusted. And embarrassed. Not because of the constant reference to Jub Jub’s penis and balls, but because the medic made such light work of his ‘infectious wounds’ that were nothing more than scratches! I mean, Christina leaving like that was one thing. But to dump your team in the shit when they were already two down! Hau bo! Sies! Nee man!

Gys was the obvious choice to be exiled to the stinky island. He survived, became strong, made jokes, was on his way to finding an immunity idol, came back and was welcomed into his depleted team. Gys for Survivor! And then, his little team went on to win immunity! It was so well deserved and a real morale boost.

But who would have thought that the witches of the other team would tactically vote out the builder of the shelter, tough chick, gorgeous, real Survivor contender Cindy Nel? Sies! Sandi Schultz, Ashley Hayden and ‘Lady’ Lea, sies. What kak style from you chicks. Now I’m not traditionally a fan of beauty queens, but Cindy Nel kicked butt, and it seemed very early to be voting off one of your strongest and not the weakest link. Sies.  It is obvious that Darren Maule doesn’t have a clue what is going on and with who, but I suppose he poses no real threat.

The show has jumped straight in to the bitching, back stabbing, snake-eyed creep stuff and I’m already hot under the collar. But I already know for sure who I don’t want to win. I’ll be following with interest. oh yes I will, slimy Survivor chicks!

Celeb Survivor Santa Carolina

Ok, I am a huge Survivor fan, but this time I have a commitment! There is a celebrity someone who is also a friend and I have been beside myself with excitement. Go Gys de Villiers!!!!!!

I only watched the first SA Survivor, which I loved, and when I found out that there was a celebrity one and they were going it alone without Endemol I was properly keen.

So Wednesday was the first episode; not quite long enough for me to have loves and hates, but certainly enough to whet the appetite. And it looks totally hectic. I have to say, I can’t believe what a woesie Christina Storm was. What a complete banana. I mean, couldn’t she just wait to be voted off at least, instead of perching her teeny, spoilt bum on a boat and not looking back, as the rest of her team looked on in what I assume was disgust. What did she think it was going to be like? Camps Bay? Now I remember seeing her on celebrity The Weakest Link and I almost died when she got her first question wrong. It was a fashion question and it was, what do you call the fashion clothing item piece of cloth that you tie around your neck, beginning with S, and she said sarong! I kid you not. Needless to say, she was voted off that faster than I could recover.

Edit: I started writing this post last week, but I was in Jozi on fandamily business, which was a good thing, because I ended up spending some time with someone who had a bit of inside info on the series; and I got some lowdown. With Christina it’s worse than I thought. From the editing it looked like everything happened on the same day. Not. Christina left on the second day, and Garth, who did some serious damage to himself, lay on the beach until the fourth day. We all know that Survivor is edited into a coma. We know that someone can be the best and coolest person for the longest time, then the camera will catch them rolling their eyes, and that will be it, out lasting impression will be of so-and-so the eye roller. Also, it looked like these guys arrived, separated into teams, did a challenge (in which Gys was left high and dry on a turnstile, dammit) and then popped off to tribal council. We missed them building shelter, fetching water, being starving, trying to make fire. I am sure that already some of the contestants have been made to look like moegoes, and that’s editing for you too.

I think that because the production has decided to go it alone they could have stuck less rigidly to the existing formula; stretching it out, giving us more and making the first episode more interesting and less predictable. Here’s hoping. At least we didn’t have to listen to the old Survivor theme tune and stings!

One thing that bugs me about some of the contestants though, is their claim to celeb status. I’m not much of a celeb follower, but who are some of these people? I find it hard to see an Okkert Brits or a Ashleigh Hayden or a Louw Venter be criticised by someone going as a dj or something.

As you can see, I’m already hooked. Don’t ask me to go anywhere on Wednesday nights. I’ll be busy for the next two months or so.

2010 and TheatreSports

I have to admit that I don’t completely have my finger on the pulse of this year yet. I just don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, or when or how I’ll be doing it. It’s not entirely unusual, with me being a free-lancer, but compared to the hecticness of last year, I seem to be in a bit of a slow start. I got a diary two weeks into the month! I have only written down about four things.

The one certainty I have is TheatreSports, and I must say, we have gotten on to a groovy start. In fact I have just come back from our second Kalk Bay Theatre show tonight and I’m still a bit hyper with the lekker energy and fun of this evening’s performance. Firstly we were almost full, with a crowd of mainly TheatreSports virgins who had never been before. Then, we did some amazing games. My favourites were a scene on a Bolivian hillside involving a llama that had gone astray, a Radio Play (a scene played totally in the dark) called “Shine your Light”, set in 1955 and sponsored by Eskom, a disgusting East Enders type British soapie with British scum of the earth and a sprinkler, and finally a Vampire movie called “The White Board”.

The audience were rolling in the aisles and it was fantastic.

So, at least I know that every Monday and Tuesday night I am busy. Doing the best kind of stuff. For an audience.

Maynardville and me, and Antony and Cleopaaatra

Last night was the pilgrimage to Maynardville for the opening night of the yearly outdoor Shakespeare. This year it is Antony and Cleopatra. After the delightful and mostly interrupted picnic on the lawns; there was a lot of jumping up and kissing of opening night people, we filed into the venue, piled cushions on seats and realised that we (my darling friend and Shakespeare lover was my date because Big Friendly has sworn off Shakespeare and Maynardville) had arguably the worst seats in the whole space. We were in the fourth row, right at the end on the right. I could see nothing over the heads of everyone in front of us, I could see nothing of anything at the back, behind the set, I could see nothing on stage right at all. There were two spots where I could see well; directly in front of me and on the beautiful raised circle of the set.

When the final ‘take your seats’ bell rang and the ‘switch off phones’ announcement was made we realized how close we were to the speaker! Well, at least we were going to be able to hear everything.

Before last night I had lots of mixed feelings about A and C. I was very excited that Marthinus Basson was making a return to Maynardville, since he is one of my favourite directors, but I had very clear memories of Marthinus’s last A and C, which was most beautiful but very strange, with the not entirely successful Aletta Bezuidenhout and Andrew Buckland as the leads. It also had a gold Mark Hoeben as soothsayer, with gold live snakes. I was nervous that this year’s leads seemed very, very young, and I was in my normal state about Shakespeare’s ‘historicals’, since I never properly understand what’s going on. In fact, I know A and C pretty well, having seen it live and in movies many times, but I still have no actual clue what the political story is.

Mixed feelings are what I left with afterwards too. There was a lot about this production that I liked, there was a lot that I didn’t, but mostly, although I enjoyed watching the spectacle (what I could see of it) I remained unmoved emotionally. The really good things were the design and costumes, which, of course, Marthinus is magnificent at. Tinarie van Wyk Loots as Cleopatra and Andre Weideman (who I just completely adore) were damn fine and very good as A and C, and even got away with being so young, Andrew Laubscher was successful and irritatingly good as the young Octavius, and nobody was truly hideous, although I definitely had my favourites. I thought Mark Hoeben (in a completely different part this time) and Eben Genis were really very, very good. I liked the original music, with the different sounds for Egypt and the war and Rome. I loved the costumes, especially the suits of Rome.

There is no doubt that I would have been more engaged with the production if I had been able to see more. But here’s another thing. I don’t know if it’s because of the limitations of Maynardville as a venue, but I found everybody’s performance very one levelled. Antony was big and shouty, Cleopatra was either woes or happy, with a lot of head holding, Octavius was whiny and plotting. And mostly, the speaking of Shakespeare was not completely fantastic. There were so many times when I had no idea what anyone was actually talking about. Lionel Newton was an exception, and his ‘the barge she sat on’ speech was beautiful. The bottom line is that as an audience member you have to care for ole Cleopatra (at least) because if you don’t her death is endless. Which is a little bit how I felt about the production; stylish, interesting, but, as with most Shakespeare, endless.


I have just come from a delightful little meeting securing a TheatreSports performance for a corporate client. When I was met by the woman who had contacted me, in the foyer of their most glamorous head office building, I felt the prickles of familiarity on the back of my neck; I knew her from somewhere. We started chatting as she took me to the room where we would be performing, and it turns out she organised TheatreSports’s very first corporate, about sixteen years ago, at the long disappeared Long St Theatre (in Waterkant Street). She is still with her company, and so am I with mine!

So, in February we will be performing for her and her team, again. I love it.

Avatar hooha

On the morning of Christmas eve, a day after I got back from Europe, I dragged Big Friendly to Canal Walk (he calls it Anal Crawl) to catch the 9am showing of Avatar. I always try to go to early morning time slots; they seem to be the least popular.

I must confess that I knew almost nothing about the movie, other than it was sci-fi and 3d. I had never seen a 3d before and this seemed like a good choice. Am I delighted that I saw it before the hooha hit the interweb!

Now it is only fair to say that I hated James Cameron‘s blockbuster Titanic, and I didn’t even know he was the creator of Avatar. Not that it would have mattered. I loved the movie. I loved the 3d, I loved the aliens, I loved their planet, I loved their magic, mystical hair, I loved the plants and creatures, I loved the music, I loved Sigourney Weaver. I loved Sam Worthington and his avatar. I loved the styling and the seamless way real photography mixed with animation. I fell in love with the sexy, long, skinny blue people. I was transported to another, simpler world, and however unrealistic or schlock the storyline was, I wanted the bad guys to lose and the good guys to win. I walked out uplifted and delighted and in awe of the director’s vision and accomplishment.

So, when Big Friendly started telling me about the hooha, from left and right, Christians and Americans, movie snobs and historians, I started to get wtf-ish. I’m always up for a good debate, and while I love trying to force my opinion onto others, I don’t really do it anymore. But hold on a minute! The right are calling the movie anti-American. The left are calling it unrealistic. The other night my friend told me that Christians walked out of the movie house when the aliens were praying to the tree. They are aliens! On another planet! That’s the story! Big friendly told me he had read opinions that the movie was racist; the blue people needed a white man to save them. Have you ever in your entire life? The movie snobs are calling it trite and simplistic and mainstream. James Cameron was accused of plagiarising the story of Pocahontas.  I kid you not.

The final straw was the info Big Friendly sent me today, that people are depressed after the movie because the realise that they will never be able to go to that beautiful planet. Now there is an increase of people wanting to kill themselves. You know what? Might not be a bad idea.

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