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Sandi and the Proteas didn’t. Survive, that is. But unlike the Proteas, who really didn’t ever look like they were in the game against a blazing India today, poor ole Sandi didn’t see it coming! And I felt quite sorry for her actually, unlike the unscratchable itch of irritation I felt for the South African cricket camp. Come on cricket strategists! It doesn’t take brain surgery to work out that a. we need to have some proper spinners in the team when SA play in the sub continent, and b. the Proteas need to know how to play against the Indian spin bowlers. Not rocket science. I am disappointed. Now, it’s time to thank Herschel and send him on his way, and JP Duminy needs to go back to the drawing board. I hate it when the Proteas go two nil down in a three game series.

Know what I think? I think the Proteas could learn some spin from the Survivor contestants. Shoo whee, how was tonight’s episode? What a lot of twisting and turning, back spinning, back pedalling, double talking, back stabbing blind siding and tension making stuff. That Timbila team scared me tonight! And Sandi Schultz was the sacrificial somebody. I think she just tried to keep too low a profile, and she got blitzed. Yo, and that Ashleigh Hayden plays a tough game. She certainly didn’t need those lovely reward pillows; I think she needed to stay awake all night every night to plot and scheme. And then there was poor Louw! His macho sensibilities got hurt man, and it was quite cute, and terribly transparent to see all that stuff at play. At least it’s out there, on the surface. Not like that Ashleigh! A snake in the grass, I tell ya, a real spin bowler.

I was quite freaked out when my favourite, Gys, had to go over to snake-in-the-grass team, so I’m relieved that next week will see the merger. Then it’s every survivor for themselves! Could start to get really interesting. Hmmm. Seems like I’m hooked again! Which is just as well, since I can’t watch the cricket anymore!

Weirdness, and not in a cool way

Every now and then I am shaken out of my generally positive approach to the world by something that disturbs me deeply. Sometimes it’s a needless and senseless crime. Sometimes it is violence to animals and children. Sometimes it’s the gross bullshit we are fed in the media, or our politicians, or drunk drivers, or racists who just assume I also am. Ok, the list is endless.

weirdness Today’s positive mood destroyer though, was this picture on News 24. When I first saw it I thought, interesting balaclava for a mugging. But no. It is a model, sporting the latest look on a fashion runway. I kid you not. Now, maybe I’ve got it completely wrong, but I really don’t like what this is saying. It is totally misogynistic, cruel, bizarre and disturbing; weird, but not in a cool way. Is this the way we want to look this winter? I mean, you’ve got to be shitting me! Crocheted ears?? WTF?

Sheesh, and now, a cold!

Hard drive crash, cell phone in washing machine, and now a river of snot and a sore throat. Which would be fine if I wasn’t working this weekend, but, I am. Loverly.

In amongst all this woe though there are some seriously good things. My industrial theatre show is looking totally cool and I love my cast, who have delivered their usual excellence and more. I have scored a new job which is taking me to Dubai at the end of March, and I’ve never been before. Big Friendly and I ran what I thought was a delightful chat/workshop about blogging, at PANSA yesterday. Although only four people attended, it was really fun, for me. It was great talking about meganshead and why and how I blog. It also totally helped that Big Friendly was on hand to explain the technical how of it too. On that side I am super privileged to have him; I know nothing.

Now, if only my nose and eyes would stop running. I am off to rehearsals.


How many times have you heard someone self righteously proclaim to you that you need to back up your stuff on your computer? It produces a special kind of guilt that’s almost reckless. I imagine it to be a bit like having unsafe sex, with that combination of ‘it will never happen to me’ stupidity and ‘I know it’s wrong and I’ll do it soon, I promise’.

Now I come from a completely different place because Big Friendly is in my life. He actually has backed up my stuff! Not recently enough though to have everything though when my hard drive crashed on Tuesday.

What a weird feeling this is; the half-life of missing writing, records, admin, email, photos, notes, lists, tax, press releases, and especially the things I haven’t thought of yet. It’s like being burgled. You can see the obvious is missing; the TV and DVD are gone, but it’s only later that you discover that the burglars took your passport and reading glasses.

After the shock and sick feeling goes, you just get on with your life, and, it’s possible. Some stuff is gone forever, other stuff can be sent back to you, and it is also a great time to purge and cleanse. There has been stuff on this laptop that I haven’t opened or looked at in years.

The Week that Was

It’s Friday morning and I’m about to go and walk the old ladies, Bayla and Gally, try and get to the damngym (I have been making a bit of an effort this year) before rehearsals, then rehearse, then perform a TheatreSports gig at a pre-barmitzvah thing in somebody’s lounge tonight. And it looks like the weekend will be full of work stuff too. And Big Friendly and I are going for a romantic 2020 game at Newlands on Saturday night!

But I thought I would take a couple of lines to reflect on the week that was.

TheatreSports had good one, with that fab show on Tuesday night, and a really successful corporate performance yesterday. We performed for a company that I had first performed for 16 years ago. They were our first corporate client! Love it.

Rehearsals for my industrial theatre project are going really well. I have been working for the same client for five years now, creating plays, based on the same characters, that go on a country wide roadshow, and I love it. I love my team of actors, I enjoy the process which we have honed into something easy and painless, and it’s the one sure gig I have that pays the rent! it is also the one kind of theatre that I know reaches its target audience, who love it.

I am irritated with our Prez and the country in general. Come on guys, this guy was voted in with a completely public track record of sexual expediency and polygamy! It’s not new  news. I’m just irritated that because he is the most important public servant, we taxpayers have to pay for this all. I am irritated that a red carpet was laid for the opening of parliament. I am irritated by the predictability and insincerity of our politicians, and the fact that their promises are totally empty and meaningless; a series of random placatory and warning words strung together and haltingly read out.

I am depressed that I seem to be enjoying pop music again, at my age. I catch myself with Lady Gaga as my earworm of the day. I am dancing to hip hop at my hip hop classes at the damngym!

I am delighted, and this should have been higher on the list, by the Proteas, who mafferated the Indians, on their home turf, by more than a total innings! I can’t wait for the next test to begin on Sunday.

Lots to reflect on, but it’s getting late and the dogs are milling about!

TheatreSports – my mojo

Yesterday was intense; for a number of reasons that included me getting a fdc nomination for Noah of Cape Town (yay for me), and being sad and disappointed that others didn’t (I’m not going into it here), it being so very hot and sticky while we rehearsed the industrial theatre project I work on every year, my damncar remaining unfixed after many days at two different garages, and lots of admin (my absolute worst)!

So driving to The Kalk bay Theatre yesterday evening, I had to muster up the energy for a TheatreSports performance; I was hot, tired and a teeny bit grumpy, to tell you the honest truth. But I was so cheered up when we were done! Firstly, we had a fabulous and enormous crowd, of mainly TheatreSports virgins, in the audience. Secondly, the show itself was most delightful, wacky, hilarious and entertaining. We were on top form I tell ya. It is like the best medicine.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have this thing; it cheers me up, it’s what I love to do, it makes people laugh, it isn’t rude, it’s with a team, it’s totally feel good, and it’s been in my life for 18 years now. TheatreSports is my mojo.

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