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Month: October 2010 (Page 1 of 3)

Why is a phone called a fruit?

After my last hysterical phone call to EmptyN in which the woman told me that I could only get my upgrade in July or pay them about K6 to get out of my contract, Big Friendly decided that he couldn’t take it anymore and he bought me a second-hand Blackberry. I’ve had it for a day and the learning is slow, but I guess soon I will be sworn in to that circle of the ‘totally connected’.

It seems like once I download all the bells and whistles I will have a phone whose only downfall will be that it doesn’t actually make the coffee or clean the house.

Now I just need to find out how to stop the thing from pinging what all my facebroek friends are doing every moment of the day!

Mind blowing portability

Big Friendly and I are at the airport. I am on Mac a tiny. I am blogging. I cannot believe how amazing this is. It is true that without Big Friendly I would be a techno cripple. He is my enabler, even to the point of signing me into the wi-fi here. And here I am. On my blog. On facebroek. Doing stuff. On my laptop. Yo. Amazing.

Learning my own lessons

Today I got completely undone. I left the house at 07h40 to be at a workshop I thought was near Stellenbosch well in time for its 9am start. I had petrol, I had printed out directions, I had plenty of time and I had a semi clear idea of where I thought I was going. Only, the truth is, I had NO idea. So when the turn off I thought was the R300 was actually the R310 I felt like the road itself had disappeared or was playing a malevolent trick on me. The long and boring story is that I went in ever widening circles, building self-doubt and hysteria and seeing-without-seeing. Many sobbing phone calls to Big Friendy later (my hero googled and searched and gave me remote directions and encouragement) I finally (almost 40 minutes late) turned into the right road. Still, because of my panic I couldn’t see the huge, signed building in front of me. I had gone hysterical-blind.

This group of people, who I had had phone contact with, were so kind and forgiving. I quickly ran to the bathroom, and in my haste I tore the string tying my ninja Kabuki pants up. I now had nothing to keep this huge, shapeless mass of material up with. I was pantless!

Needless to say, I entered the space of the workshop on full tilt. And it was amazing. I was humbled by my mistake, and in an open, vulnerable, slightly altered state. The perfect space to be to learn and teach improvising.

Songs (and stories) of Joy

We got together today to carry on with the creation of our end of year Christmas show. There is no doubt about it happening since Simon from The Kalk Bay Theatre announced it to the opening night audience of I, Claudia on Wednesday night!

So we met this morning. What delight. What silly, delicious, hilarious, spontaneous joy. During the week, while I was away from the cast, I had moments of panic and doubt. What were we actually going to do? How were we going to turn this whimsical fantasy into a flesh and bones production, with a story, characters, plot, songs, action, a set? What were we thinking?

Before you could say brainstorm the crazy ideas were flowing. The jokes, the moments, the songs, the possibilities, the characters; we threw them into the pot and started mixing. We laughed our heads off. We tossed things backwards and forwards, and after three hours we left with a really not half-bad structure.

I’m not going to give any clues away other than saying that it is totally ‘season appropriate’, and we are calling it Good Will Acting. I am going to say that I think it is going to be high larious (thanks Claudia), and heartwarming, and fun. Watch this space. And then come and watch it.

The Deep Creative relief of I, Claudia

Aaaaah! Everyone knows I’ve been in a theatre funk lately, with the last few things I’ve seen not taking me to the good theatre space of wanting to rush out and force everyone I know to go and see the play, but last night changed things back for me.

On our way to The Kalk Bay Theatre Big Friendly said his wish for the night was good snacks (The Kalk Bay Theatre puts on a very sexy, jolly pre-show opening night snack and hang out), and a short play (we had both been up since the crack of dawn.) He asked me what I wanted from the night and I said “transformation”. I am delighted to report that we both got our wishes, in spades.

Now, first up I must confess to this being the first time I have seen I, Claudia even though it has been on twice in Grahamstown and at least one other time in Cape Town. Susan Danford performs, Lara Bye directs this one-hander written by Kristen Thomson.

It’s a tiny story of a young girl managing her puberty, the separation of her parents and her father’s new relationship, the death of her pets, school and all the thoughts and crazinesses of bursting out of your emotional and hormonal skin. It’s told through Claudia’s, the school janitor’s, her father’s fiance’s and her grandfather’s voices. And it is totally engaging, hilarious, moving, and magical.

Susan Danford is amazing. Because she is working with masks (that are fantastic by the way, and made by Melani-Rene Louwrens) you forget that it is beautiful Susan in there. She totally becomes the characters, especially Claudia, in the deepest possible way, removing herself from them almost entirely, and giving them new life, which radiates through every finger tip and through the holes where we can see shining eyes. She, Lara Bye and the production team have done an awesome job.

I was mesmerised throughout. I was transfixed. and I was transformed. Take my word for it. Beautiful, magical, moving theatre. On for another two weeks at The Kalk Bay Theatre.

Edit! Next four weeks! No excuses not to see it.

Same Old Same Old

And another thing that is leaving me stone cold and making me worried for my sanity is SA cricket. Maybe it’s just that the Proteas are playing Zimbabwe at the moment, and honestly, I can’t even pretend to care. I am just not my normal excited self about this upcoming cricket season. Don’t get me wrong; I still adore Hasheeeeeeeeeem and AB. I still have hope for Duminy and I enjoy Johan Botha. But, ag, I’m not full of cricket lus and gees.

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