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2010 reflection

I am getting ready to go to the theatre for the last time this year to do the final performance of Good Will Acting. It’s been many years since I properly enjoyed New Year’s Eve and I always try to ignore it, or work like tonight. I love waking up early on the first day of the year, preferably without a hangover, and feeling gung-ho and enthusiastic and energised by what lies ahead. But before that happens I like to cast a quick look back at the year that was, just to have a bit of perspective, see the mistakes, try and have understanding and also closure with some things. It’s a little like reading the blackboard one last lime before sweeping it clean.

I think I found 2010 mostly challenging. Some battles were won after being fought hard. Others were lost and they took their toll. In general I found things, particularly on the work front, very testing, and there were many moments where I felt like I was being ‘cut down to size’. I don’t think this is all bad; self-doubt, questioning and vulnerability are all great if not harsh teachers. But the loss of self-confidence is a very hard place to come back from. There was definitely that this year.

I am looking back with a lot of faith and comfort in the things I hold dear, like my relationships and friendships. I am looking back with sadness at what was a year of loss, both in death and in separations. I am looking back and seeing the things that were disappointments; both expected and unexpected. I am looking back and seeing how fortunate I am to have come to the end of a year that was much harder and more challenging for other people I know, love and care about; people who have barely managed to keep their heads and some who lost their minds. And I am also looking back at the highlights; the moments of success and joy for me and those I know. Mostly I am very proud of my friends and chosen family. I continue to delight in their achievements. I continue to receive their support and love. I am nurtured by them, and they have stuck by me. Big Friendly, T, T, T, T, R, E, N, R, S, R, P, F, G, J, J, A, D, A, N, L, H, S and more, in no particular order. Let’s look at this new one coming with fresh new feeling.

Cricket opinion? Just Shoosh!

It’s no secret. I don’t like cricket; I love it. But I do not love cricket analysis, commentary and writing. For a while I would read the M&G’s cricket writer (I think it was Tom Eaton) on a Friday, just to get a sense of what would definitely not happen on the weekend. He had the most uncanny ability to mis-predict by a few thousand kilometers. He was almost 100% wrong in everything he ever wrote.

I read gems about how the Proteas had a 97% probability of winning against India at Kingsmead because blah blah blah and India have never blah blah blah and and what’s more Jacques Kallis blah blah another double century blah blah blah. It made me nervous. Too much talking about how the Proteas were a shoe in. And they lost. Yep. They did.

But, in today’s Cape Times Zaahier Adams makes a three course meal and a christmas cracker of hilarious cricket writing. He writes, “Now, heading into the series decider at Newlands, which starts on Sunday, the Proteas are suddenly under pressure to maintain their proud record of not having lost (I kid you not) a post-isolation home Test series (here it comes) other than to Australia (four times) and England (once).” The italics in the above are my comments. So, Zaahier; I just want to get things absolutely straight. The Proteas have actually lost five post-isolation home Test series. And just to make sure we are talking the same language here; this is not a proud record of never having lost a post-isolation home Test series.

It’s not only the writer of the article who is talking kak. He quotes Proteas coach, Corrie van Zyl, as saying, “The Proteas pride themselves on their ability to bounce back, fight back when they are up against the wall.” Bounce back? Fight back? Up against the wall? In a series in which both teams have won one game? Come on! This is just nonsense; trite, non-speak.

And the caption under Graeme ‘Fingers’ Smith’s picture is exactly like the commentator’s curse. It reads “Graeme Smith can be expected to step up to the plate in the deciding Test against India.” Why? Why can we expect that? Hope, yes. Secretly pray, yes. Shout at the TV, umpires, beg that he can withstand a Sreesanth sledge, and hold your breath while he bats, but not expect. No.

I am not going to read anything cricket any more. It makes me gek. And I am delighted that I will be able to sit in the stands and not have to listen to the commentators get it so totally wrong either.

Side Effects

Tis the season, and one of the things I’ve been doing is cooking. There is only one cake I like to make, so I make that one, there is a new Angel fish and lemony sauce I am committed to, and I have become a bit of a Pavlova queen. I found the perfect Pavlova recipe and it’s a winner every time. My secret is to blitz some of the fruit and vanilla syrup together for a sauce that makes it a bit more sticky and wet. The only thing with a Pavlova is, what to do with the damn egg yolks.

But we solved the problem. We made home made mayonnaise! I kid you not. I always thought that it was quite a challenging thing to do but actually, it’s pretty easy, and totally delicious. We have been eating the mayonnaise with globe artichokes, on poached eggs, and anything else that could or will go on bread.

So, the side effect of Pavlova, is mayonnaise. Who would have thunk?

Olive oil Rolls

Mudder-in-law just showed me how to make the most delicious Olive Oil Rolls and then we sat down an chowed them! I have to share this easy, amazing recipe, and show the pic of the last one standing.

For six Olive Oil Rolls

500ml cake flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 packet instant yeast

1 tablespoon sugar

200ml warm water

25ml olive oil

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Mix dry ingredients together and then add wet stuff. Work into a dough with your hands and find someone to talk to while you knead it for ten or so minutes. Break into six bits and roll into fat sausage shapes, turn ends towards each other and put on a lightly sprayed baking tray. Bung into the oven for about 20 minutes. Eat as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

We had ours with tomatoes, onions, basil, goat’s cheese, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. And Big Friendly had his with cheese and jam.

Oh, and to see if they are ready, knock them and if they sound hollow they are.

That middle time

So, Christmas has come and gone and now it is that in between time before New Year. Everyone has had a lot to eat, nobody is properly working, and here in Cape Town it’s that hot, windy weather that makes outdoorsy stuff hard.

I am in that funny place of waiting. I want to make brave decisions and bold new plans for the new year but I am in that motionless space. And it is exactly that space that makes me not love this time of year. I thought working would help, but there hasn’t been enough work, and everyone is still in that holiday space.

Next Christmas I am going to try and be somewhere foreign and cold.

What now?

We made a huge effort to rally the crowds last night to get them in to what could have been the final performance of Good Will Acting. And it was loverly. More than 40 people came to celebrate the oddest version of the Nativity and they really seemed to love it. And then, today another fabulous review came out. We are supposed to have another week of shows, with a performance tonight and then next week on Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wed 29, Thurs 30 and a special celebratory evening on New Year’s Eve. But we have no bookings to speak of. And I have no idea what to do. Do we call it a day, not take it personally and walk away, knowing that we put on a most fabulous show, with lessons totally learnt for how we will do it next year? Do we continue to rubber arm the rest of the folk left in Cape Town or possibly still arriving to come and see it? Do we play it by ear every single day and wait until twelve or one pm before deciding whether to do a show or not? And what about New Year’s Eve? What should our cut-off numbers be? How many constitute a fun party?

One of the hardest things about putting on a show is all the non-creative, business (if you can call it that) decisions that need to be made! I am in limbo. Help me decide!!

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