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The Beautiful art of Improv

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about TheatreSports (it seems I’ve been actually doing it more, with these little filmed bits of improvised nonsense), but last night I had the perfect chance to properly watch a show because I did door and lights. What a great way to get a sense of how it is for an audience. (I must remind all the experienced players to do lights every now and then for that very reason.)

Anyway, watching a show the way an audience does reminded me how brilliant the whole TheatreSports thing is. Obviously we are critical of ourselves and each other (and we have detailed and serious notes sessions after each show), but the truth is, when there are a bunch of improvisers on stage in front of an audience a series of tiny theatrical miracles happen. And what makes it even more special is that these moments will never be repeated. They are proper once off little gems. Sometimes the moment is a character; a clever, unusual, interesting somebody, made up in that instant. Sometimes it is the meeting between two of these characters. Sometimes it is a song, a line of dialogue, a ‘super save’ by a player with a brilliant idea brought to a sinking ship of a scene. Sometimes it is something so funny that nobody can keep a straight face. Often it is the sheer enjoyment of the thing by players and audience alike.

I don’t like TheatreSports. I love it.

More From Michael and the music industry

Marietjie is back

I still don’t know why, but I’m still doing this stuff.

Kool Waste

A couple of years ago I was on the hunt for a safe, easy way to do my recycling. I searched, called, googled and spoke to friends before discovering Barry Visagie and Kool Waste. Woodstock seemed to be an under serviced neighbourhood, for all sorts of obvious socio-political reasons.

The reason why Kool Waste were quite difficult to get hold of was because they don’t have a great on-line presence. Since discovering them though, we have had an amazing relationship. For R60 a month, Barry and his gorgeous guy swing by my house once a week and collect a full black bag of recyclables. All I have to do is to make sure the stuff is all clean and dry. Plastic, paper, tin, and glass is all put together and then Barry and the Kool Waste guys do the sorting.

They sent out a newsletter this week saying that a lot of their customers were in arrears and that they had been losing customers too. I suppose it might seem like an extra expense when people are tightening their belts. I think this is a great pity. So I am putting word out there. Here is how to get hold of Barry. 072 1295787 or


I have struggled with the idea of writing this week. It feels so personal; putting my thoughts into words here, and Big Friendly and I have taken the death of the best-loved-cat very hard. Somehow it has meant that I have not wanted to be public about anything. But I miss writing this blog, and I have missed writing ‘for me’ in general.

And I do have some good news. And it has to do with writing. I entered my play The Tent into an exciting ‘competition’ run by Proyecto 24 (degrees – I can’t find that little circle for the symbol) S. It was a Theatre in Translation competition which meant South African plays would be translated into Spanish, Spanish plays would be translated into English and then five finalists (and one winner from them) would be chosen. And The Tent was a finalist. And in such good company too. Here is the official list!



• GREEN MAN FLASHING – Mike van Graan (Winner)

– translated by Patricia Labastié as LUZ VERDE – proofread by Nikki Froneman and Rodrigo Alonso Gómez Gutiérrez

• SISTER PRISCILLA’S DILEMMA: THE NUN WITH A GUN – Julian De Wette – translated by Eduardo Arques as EL DILEMA DE LA HERMANA PRISCILA: LA MONJA CON PISTOLA – proofread by Nikki Froneman, Rodrigo Alonso Gómez Gutiérrez and Elena Stella

• I AM HERE – Peter Hayes – translated by Clara Tilve as ESTOY AQUÍ – Preliminary translation by Fidel Soler Ulloa. – Proofread by Nikki Froneman and Mariana Taguchi.

• THE TENT – Megan Furniss – translated by Mariana Taguchi as LA CARPA – proofread by Nikki Froneman and Odette Fernández López

• LOT – Nicola Hanekom – translated from Afrikaans into English by Ilze Brüggemann as FATE. Proofread by Cliff Smuts – translated from English to Spanish by Rodrigo Alonso Gómez Gutiérrez as DESTINO – proofread by Nikki Froneman and Mariana Taguchi

I think this is very, very sexy. It’s also worth remembering that award winning Nicola Hanekom starred in the production of The Tent at Artscape in 2009.

We are going to try and raise enough funds to go to Buenos Aires in November to witness the play readings of our plays. All great ideas are welcome.

Miserable Mario

Mario is back to explain why the Sharks lost.

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