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Moira’s Back

I’ve had flu, been away, been working hard, and doing all the stuff that has stopped me from making my little vids, but Moira had to make an appearance. And I am so happy she did. It is true. I have these people living with me. Go figure.

G’town is gearing up

I am driving to G’town on Sunday and will start my marathon of live performance ‘watch and crit’ on Monday, but my OF (old friend) Simon Cooper has a head start and a heads up so he’ll be hijacking meganshead for the next few days and giving us a piece of simonshead; his view of the fest. Here is his producer’s POV of the day before it opens.

It used to be so easy – pitch up, settle in, have a few glasses of decent wine, sleep a bit and hit the first show.  Didn’t appreciate the work that performers, techies, producers and a host of others were doing so that when you did pitch at 10h00 on day 1, there is a show to watch.   Have learnt the lesson in the last few years though.   But, man, the adrenalin does course through your veins – OK, OK it’s a lot of detail but there it is, it gets to me.

So what does a producer’s day before the Fest look like, well –

get up quite early and clean incoming emails off your machine;

pack a bag full of props, advertising material [press kits, cable ties, roses for “ROSE” with labels, business cards for “LONDON ROAD”, bookmarks also] and NAF info etc;

make sure the visiting actress [Fiona York from “ROSE”] who is staying with us, is ready to go and move into her Grahamstown accommodation;

drive to Grahamstown [no hangover because Shirley Kirchmann bailed from supper last night];

drop off tickets for “LONDON ROAD” with a friend – paying a debt for earlier house checking services;

take Fiona to the house and to her venue;

contact Jon K and Juanita F, stage managers for “LONDON ROAD” and “ROSE”;

meet up with them and get road signs from Jon K and leave Juanita F and Fiona to get to know each other and sort out “ROSE”;

find Dumisani and give him the road signs and the cable ties to put up but he’s not answering his phone;

go to the Monument – register “LONDON ROAD” and “ROSE”, see the finance people, see the publicists;

zip past Computicket and pick up some tickets and ingratiate myself with the people managing Computicket in case I need a favour later;

go back to publicity office with press kits left in the car;

meet Dunisani [at last] and hand over road signs;

fetch Robyn S from the bus and take her to the house;

attend “LONDON ROAD” cue-to-cue tech;

drop press kits off at Cue and stop to kiss Belinda de L who is the best advertising manager in the game but she’s out;

make sure Fiona and Juanita F are OK and sorted;

drive back home and try and remember what shows I am seeing on day 1;

food, red wine and sleep.

Next time around – comment on the first shows.  Man, I love it.



My boet always complains that his wife and his sister are the only two women in the world who can’t multitask. I can’t speak for my gorgeous, talented and amazing sister-in-law, but it really is true for me. I need to do things one at a time. I can’t even be on my laptop (or phone) in a random way and have a conversation with Big Friendly. It makes him mental. I can be mid-sentence and my phone (or the stove, or the door, or the TV) will ping, and instantly I will be distracted and lose my train of thought. I even find it hard to work on different projects at the same time. One seems to occupy all the ‘project’ space in my brain, and I struggle to keep thoughts of the other stuff on board. It’s as if they get squeezed and jostled by the big fat dominant one on duty at the time.

Also, I have been struggling with flu this week and weekend and it has meant that work wise I have been forced to do the minimum required before dragging myself back to bed. This has also meant that my writing, making little videos and all the other bits and pieces I do have lapsed a bit. So I have been on facebook and twitter, a lot. Are they not the most arbitrary, fun and useless time wasters?

One of the most amazing things about now time is how rehearsals have changed. Four out of five of my cast have Blackberrys, and whenever they are off-stage they are BBM’ing, tweeting, or facebook messaging; sometimes even to me, sitting right there in the rehearsal room. We watch videos on youtube, share jokes that are flying through the ethernet,  pass on download info and even google stuff to just make sure.

But for me it is hard. I need to to one thing, or the other. So if I get sucked in to a message on my phone I get spat out of what ever else it is I should be doing, like watching my rehearsal, or following the text. It’s almost as if I leave an energetic black hole where I was, and then have to come back to it, but time is lost. It feels like all of present tense is changing, and we are all less ‘in’ the actual moment. Well, I certainly am. I am going to have to factor in phone down time. Tomorrow.

Cigarette Crusade

I do believe we should all choose our battles. There are a few things I’ve accepted as my own personal mission (like hating EmptyN or Reeds Delta), doing my bit and recycling household waste, and being a pescetarian. I hate lots of stuff. I go nuts when dog walkers don’t pick up their dog’s poo, especially if they walk in the same place every day. I hate it when people (especially mineral water drinkers) leave their plastic bottles on the beach, unable to carry them the few meters to the garbage bins. I despise illegal dumping. There is a vacant plot in our road, and people drive there especially to throw their garbage over the fence. Go figure. I hate it when I get bad service and I equally hate it when customers are rude to people who serve them.

But I have a new crusade, and I’m about to go all out on this one. I cannot tolerate smokers who throw their lit butt ends out of their car windows. I am starting a campaign to out them. On Tuesday night I saw two cars with drivers who just tossed their stompies out the window, and one of them was a cop van! I am certain it’s illegal.Let me know if you have any bright ideas or ways of getting these disgusting idiots.

The improv way of life

One of the amazing things about playing TheatreSports in front of a live audience twice a week is that the rules and philosophy of improv become a way of living. Yesterday was a double dose of TheatreSports because we performed at a school in the morning and our regular Monday night at The Intimate.

The thing with performing improv and getting ‘in the flow’ is that it is the most present you can be. You have to live fully and completely in the moment, responding to what happens, unable to anticipate the future or dictate it. It requires trust; of your fellow players, as well as the self confidence to initiate stuff and to wait to see what happens. It relies heavily on the audience and not only their suggestions but also their energy. And when that ‘flow’ thing happens there is such a tangible feeling of magical potential.

Imagine if everyday life felt like that.

Margeaux is Back

This time it’s a bitch about the theatre.

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