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Month: September 2011 (Page 1 of 3)

Getting it straight – blogging 101

Let’s face it, most people don’t actually what a blog is. Us bloggers need to realise that. We write and angst and joke and spew and the whole time (well, for me anyway) there are a few people out there who read everything I write, some people who come to meganshead to read my snoek braai post and others because they googled themselves or the play they were in and they pressed the mouse and, boom!

This means some people take what I write personally. Some people think I am a theatre critic. Or a chef. Some people have decided I am one of those weird people who work for free (with regard to this blog it’s absolutely true) and just, you know, do publicity for things. They think that stuff because, although they would never actually admit it, they have never actually read this blog, either on purpose or by accident. This is totally ok, until they ask me to, you know do a press release, or an interview (huh? An interview or press release on a blog?) for some thing that I know nothing about.

And I get hissy, because, come on, surely? But I need to remember that a lot of people have no idea how the interweb works, or blogs, or websites even, or facebroek, or twitter. Which is fine. I have had to learn the hard way, and I’ve made some nasty, uncomfortable and even expensive (not so much financially, but definitely emotionally, philosophically and ethically) mistakes, here on my blog and on the other social network spaces. I have opened my mouth too wide when I shouldn’t have. I have kept it shut when I should have shouted. I have made bad choices and even bad calls. And I have had moments of great success, even a spot of good opinion, and even, if I say so myself, some not too bad writing. That’s what having a blog is all about.

I just get blown away when there are people (chops) who have actual paying jobs that are to do with internet and online media and networking, and they don’t know the difference between a blog post, a private or corporate twitter account, a facebook page or facebook friend, and a common or garden press release, and I end up getting involved to set it all straight. No man. Honestly, if you don’t know what you are smoking, pass the bong along.


The Tent revisited

While I have always quietly held onto the fact that The Tent was a good play, I had to contend with the usual hard knocks of rejection when it came to staging it again, after the initial commitment and funding that Artscape and the New Writing Programme gave it in 2009.

It being chosen as one of the finalists in the Projecto 34 degrees South Theatre in Translation project was fantastic. Last night though, I received an email from The National Theatre Studio in London letting me know that The Tent had been chosen (from hundreds of submissions) as one of the finalists in their call for African plays. I have been invited to London for a week, to spend time with the other playwrights and to attend a dramaturgy (I am better at spelling that than saying it!) workshop. I am so excited, and deeply proud. Oh dear, this is starting to sound like an award speech. Honestly though, I have a lot of people to thank for believing in this play and getting it out there. Mostly, there is Alfred Rietmann. Alfred, thank you.


Mario’s analysis of the Bok win

Mario knows what Namibia’s problem is. He needs to get word out.

Memorial for Roz

A Memorial Service will be held this Friday, 23 September, at 16h00, in the Concert Hall at the Baxter Theatre Centre.

Roz van Der Vyver

Roz died yesterday at about 5pm. Everybody who knew her is very heartsore. I will write here with any news of a memorial service.

I think that the Theatre Benevolent Fund did a great job in publicising her plight and raising funds for her cause. Let’s help them continue to do the work that Roz had so completely selflessly taken on.

The Minnie and Johnson Show

A posse of friends was organised to go to Beefcakes last night to eat burgers and watch Godfrey Johnson and Emile Minnie’s cabaret. It was the way to do it; a big enough group where we could be loud and a little obnoxious and have a jolly good time.

I hate Beefcakes actually. Their burgers (veggie one for me) are not fabulous. I hate that they continue serving, ringing up and running things as the show happens. It is my biggest beef (eina!) that any management can do that to any artist. It sucks. I hate that people are allowed to sit at the bar and pretend like there isn’t a show on, by talking so loudly with turned backs, while we strain to hear from our seats. It is a kak way of putting on live theatre and it makes me upset.

Having said all that, Emile and Godfrey managed to pull of a totally quirky, very funny, delicious and camp little two man cabaret that was completely entertaining and delicious. Lady Gaga (done Die Antwoord style), YMCA, a whole bunch of other 80’s numbers, Waka Waka, and lots of other eclectic stuff were included by these two hilarious and talented men, who were dressed in their Spring Bokkie T’s and little white shorts. It’s a little bit of musical madness done magically well, and it cast its spell over us, in spite of the venue’s limitations and irritations.

If you are hardy enough to catch the show at this venue without getting upset, then check it out every Sunday in October. Otherwise, I have no doubt it will reappear at another venue. Delicious.

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